Guess Who’s Back!?! EMINEM’s New Album, “MMLP2” & New Single – “Berzerk” (VIDEO)

Considered one of the best MC’s in the game, EMINEM has decided to grace the world of hip hop with a new hardcore rap album titled, “MMLP2”. It’s named after Eminem’s classic 2000 album, “Marshal Mathers LP,” and is set to be released November the 5th! ‘MMLP2’ is Eminem’s first album since 2010’s Grammy-winning “Recovery,” and he gave us a little taste with his first single cleverly called, “Berzerk”. Take a listen…..


“Breaking Bad” New Episode Re-Cap… Don’t F*ck with Walter White! (Video)

What type of legacy will the character of WALTER WHITE leave behind? Will the devotion of “Breaking Bad” fans forever immortalize the newest drug kingpin of television? After all, his story is a tale of redemption, one in which the powerless becomes the powerful. It’s a story about a man who tests life’s boundaries after being pushed to the edge. His is a tale of someone rising up from ground zero.

‘Breaking Bad’ presents a very powerful narrative, because we love Walter White even though he’s a bad man. We want him to succeed. We want him to make lots of money. We want him to beat the cancer that served as the catalyst of his uprise, or downfall, which ever way you want to look at it. Why? Because we all love the underdog.

It’s entertaining to watch a troubled man like Walter White think outside of the box … even if that box is outside of the law. White wasn’t always the bad guy, right? He did try, at least, to handle things the right way, but it just didn’t work out. So this ex-science teacher used his knowledge of chemistry to manufacture to most potent Methamphetamine known to man. And in the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’, the notorious, Walter White, is on the merge of getting busted. Check out the recap…