JAMES FOLEY’S Last Letter To His Family

“On Tuesday August 19, the Islamic State released a video in which James Wright Foley, 40-year-old American freelance journalist and nearly two-year captive of the radical group once known as ISIS, read a largely prepared speech and then was beheaded.” According to boingboing.net, James Foley’s last letter to his loved ones was dictated to a fellow detainee, who memorized it and read it to Foley’s mother over the phone when he was released.


LAURYN HILL – “Black Rage (Sketch)” … Self-released MUSIC via @lisafordblog

I was reading Pitchfork.com looking for underground music that I haven’t heard yet and I stumble upon a prolific article about the legendary LAURYN HILL and her stance of oppression in America. Of course, I have to post conscious rapper, Lauryn Hill, on the blog because she is female MC that I look up to, one who teaches me and makes me think, one who never needed to show her bare ass in her music videos, because her lyrics and poeticism spoke and still speaks for itself.

Case in point, “Black Rage (Sketch)”, a deep and politically charge song recorded live in her living room. Pitchfork writes, “”Black Rage” is a key record for this moment because it recognizes our problems are deeply entrenched, and that postmodern detachment or cynical capitalism are poorly formed tools for people hoping to make a sustained attack on widespread systemic violence. Lauryn Hill celebrates black rage not as a raw expression of pain, nor as an irrational behavior that must be reigned in. Like Maria Rainer, it’s a coping mechanism, but for Lauryn Hill, it’s also something more: a practical strategy.”


HBO’s “GIRLS” Season 4 Teaser (VIDEO)

“The world of Hannah Horvath may no longer be within the streets of Manhattan in GIRLS, but drama is never far behind the aspiring journalist-writer. Without spoiling too much if you still haven’t caught up through season 3, Hannah returns to her mid-west roots taking a break from her inner-circle to focus on a career. With Marnie continuing to be wreck, Jessa struggling with her on-and-off sobriety and our girl Shoshanna looking to finally graduate from NYC, Hannah takes a brief bike ride around the University of Iowa in some rare leisure time.

The brief 30-second clip you can view after the jump, is a tease for fans that are waiting for the official season premiere 4 months away on HBO we can expect in early 2015.” – freeonsmash.com


SUGE KNIGHT Shot 6 Times at Chris Brown’s Pre-VMA Party (VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

It’s being reported that Death Row Records founder, SUGE KNIGHT, was shot 6 times during a MTV VMA Awards party hosted by Chris Brown at LA club 1 OAK last night.

“Shortly after 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, a shooting occurred at 1OAK nightclub in the 9000 block of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood where two men and a woman were wounded, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said in a statement provided to the Daily News.

The suspect remains unknown, but the victims include a 49-year-old male, widely reported as music producer Marion (Suge) Knight, as well as two unnamed victims, a 32-year-old male and a 19-year-old female. All the victims were transported to local hospitals and are expected to recover.

While the 25-year-old R&B singer is said to have been the intended target, it was Knight who took the heat along with the two other victims, reports TMZ.”


TALIB KWELI Argues w/ CNN’S Don Lemon During #Ferguson Interview! (VIDEO) In Case you Missed It! via @lisafordblog

TALIB KWELI delivered one of the most powerful interviews I’ve seen in the news recently. He stood up to CNN and its anchor, Don Lemon, who appears disconnected with what’s really going on on the ground in Ferguson, with his attempt to debunk Kweli’s eyewitness account.

Kweli schooled them on what he thought was bad media coverage. The death of unarmed teen, Mike Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, has brought race relations in America back to the forefront in the media and social media alike. In regards to social media coverage, Kweli expressed that it was more important to physically show up to Ferguson versus tweeting and protesting online. In regards to media coverage, he expressed that the quality and accuracy of news outlets such as CNN wasn’t up to par.

Talib Kweli spoke very truthful when he stated the media depicted protesters as criminals or thugs and omitted the fact that women and children were protesting as well. Lemon tried to interrupt Kweli from speaking which turned into a heated argument and with Kweli almost walking out of the interview. This would have been a disservice because Kweli spoke the truth and didn’t care about being politically correct…something most of these news outlets are gulity of.


KENDRICK LAMAR First Time Ever Performing “Money Trees” (VIDEO) #Throwback via @lisafordblog

I bought KENDRICK LAMAR’s “Good Kid m.a.a.d City” the first day it was released in Oct. 2012. I played it until it got to Track #5 and kept it on rewind over and over before I had a chance to listen to the rest of the album. By far, “Money Trees” is my favorite song on one of Hip Hop’s most critically-acclaimed CDs. The beat is soulful, almost haunting, and the record took me back to my childhood.

It brought back memories of my spending time on an army base in Kansas City when I was just three years old. It took me back to my hometown of Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. It reminded me of my ole’ Atlanta days when all I did was listen to Southern and West Coast Hip Hop at least 20 hours a day. And listening to “Money Trees” has gotten me through my hard working days in Miami.

Bottom line… “Money Trees” is timeless, regionless, and classic. Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers of our generation and a superb storyteller and poet. This video was filmed when Kendrick Lamar held his second album signing in a Best Buy at Union Square, NYC, alongside his TDE mate, Jay Rock.


CHRIS BROWN ft. Usher & Rick Ross – “New Flame” (VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

“New Flame” features a powerful duet with R&B giants CHRIS BROWN & USHER, laced with a flow from RICKY ROZAY. This song, alongside mega hit, “Loyal”, is featured on Brown’s new album, X, which will be released on Sept.15. A source told Hollywood Life that Brown wanted X to be perfect before the world hears it…

“The people behind him who are working on this are straight professionals who have been doing this before Chris was even born,” the source said. “They know what they’re doing and Chris is letting them do their jobs. That’s what they get paid to do.”


MIKE BROWN’s Friend Tells His Story!! (VIDEO) #JusticeForMikeBrown via @lisafordblog

I can’t write about somebody else’s dead child as if I knew him, and as if my words are going to make a difference in the turmoil that MIKE BROWN’s family is going through right now. So I’m posting this video, a first hand account, told by his friend, who witnessed Brown being gunned down for no reason by a Police officer. Mike Brown was eighteen years old, walking down a street in Ferguson, Missouri, from his apartment to his grandmother’s, at 2:15 on a bright Saturday afternoon. But a racist cop has an issue with that and killed him.