Filmmaker, MONEY Q GREEN Interviews LISA FORD, the Queen Of Miami! (VIDEO) via @HipHopOrgy

MONEY Q GREEN, radio show host, Director, and Filmmaker, is world famous for capturing major entertainers on film and video for 20 plus years. In this impromptu interview with Entertainment Journalist and Events Queen, LISA FORD, you’ll see a rare moment of what goes on behind the scenes of promoting major events in Miami and around the country, the relationships that LISA FORD & MONEY Q GREEN has established with some of Music’s biggest names, and Lisa’s current project… the HIP HOP ORGY…an event going down every SATURDAY in South Florida (with the hardest working DJ in miami…DJ EPPS) that honors and displays authentic Hip Hop music for die-hard Hip Hop Heads.


TECH N9NE ft. B.o.B. & 2 Chainz – “Hood Go Crazy” (Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPod Pick

TECH N9NE couldn’t have this one party song without a lot people bitchin’. When he released, ‘Hood Go Crazy’, I said let him have some fun with an ass, tits, lesbians, and weed song for once, Geez! Lol! People be acting like Tech gotta do a wicked undergoing verse on every song. But he’s at a point in his career where he should be doing exactly this…Making bumpin’ music.

Frankly, I absolutely love the ratchetness of “Hood Go Crazy” because it gets me in the mood to make big things happen!! Tech grinded and worked hard for where he is today, so a little booty shake music ain’t harming anybody. I find this song entertaining, different (for him), and enjoyable. But at the end of the day, Tech will never go mainstream. Mainstream will go Tech!


LACRAE – “All I Need Is You” (Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPod Pick

When LACRAE released “All I Need Is You” (off of his ‘Anomaly’ album) a few months back, and dropped this video, he proved that you can make a good rap song without the n word or swearing, and you don’t have to talk about sex and drugs to be an amazing rapper (or to be featured on this blog).

A Christian rap artist (I threw in that label, but rap is rap), a Grammy-Award winner (Best Rap Performance for ‘All I Need Is You’), Lacrae is breaking barriers in the Hip Hop world, so I had to take this time to finally give him his props. It’s refreshing to hear rap music with meaning, rather than just twerking. This is a great song… a very smooth dedication to his wife that conveys a powerful message. And the R&B laced track goes super hard.


TUPAC Freestyling on the Streets of New York, Runs into Music Bootleggers (Rare VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

My mother says every time she checks out my blog she sees TUPAC! Yes Ma’am! And today’s post is dedicated to this rap legend because Pac would have turned 44 today if he wasn’t gunned down in Las Vegas over 18 years ago. Pac will always be a dominant feature on this blogspot because in my opinion, he is the #1 Pioneer of Hip Hop. Couple that with the fact that I’m still in mourning over his death. I will never get over 2pac because I’m too in love with his music. Happy Birthday Machiavelli !


ICE CUBE – Barbershop 3 [First Look] VIDEO via @lisafordblog

Go behind the scenes for the making of Barbershop 3 with ICE CUBE, Nicki Minaj, Common, Cedric The Entertainer, and many more in Episode 1 of the making of Barbershop 3. The plotlines provide room for more of the “real” to be injected into thew movie, dealing with the gangs and shootings on the Southside of Chicago. KUDOS to Cube for bringing back Eve and Cedric and adding Common. Look for BARBERSHOP 3 in theaters early 2016.


METHOD MAN – “The Meth Lab” (New Music) !! Animated Trailer via @lisafordblog

“The Meth Lab” LP hits stores August 21st, but METHOD MAN dropped his edgy single “The Meth Lab” featuring Streetlife and Hanz On TODAY!!! Included in this blog post is the audio for the single and the animated trailer for the LP. In speaking with Nerdist, who premiered the trailer, Meth had the following to say about the new album:

“I kept it real and low-key, like I do in my studio. I know a lot of artists that have reached out, but I wanted to save those artists for my last Method Man album. I wanted this one to be a platform for more Staten Island artists to be heard that aren’t getting heard, because you know if it isn’t Wu Tang–I mean, we never blocked anyone from trying to get a record deal. I mean the way the record industry works is, if something’s not broke, don’t fix it. Bottom line is there’s a lot more talent to be heard from Staten Island outside of Wu Tang artists, and these kids are dope. I wanted to just give them a platform to be heard. I’m on every song, but I’m not exactly on any songs by myself, with the exception of one.”


RA The Rugged Man – “The Dangerous Three” ft. Brother Ali, Masta Ace (Video) #TBT via @lisafordblog

RA The Rugged Man – “The Dangerous Three” is off of his ‘Legends Never Die’ album released in 2013. In ‘The Dangerous Three’, I love the contrast of Ali’s alternative style, R.A.’s underground delivery, and Ace’s old-school flow. Ali came with the aggression and energy, RA was sick with the multis and wordplay but Master Ace’s verse just stood out to me. After all these years the guy is just a damn Legend. The way he strung together every word in that verse has so much cadence and mic presence he didn’t need to rap it fast or use a complex rhyme scheme hit it out of the park. This song is just flat out dope and purely fundamental.


ICE BERG’s “Vice Versa Freestyle” -Remix of the PASTOR TROY Hit (Download) #TBT via @lisafordblog

ICE BERG paid homage to PASTOR TROY’s iconic, “Vice Versa” with a nasty flow worthy enough to be mentioned on this blog for Throwback Thursdays. You have to have balls of steal to even attempt to freestyle on one of Hip Hop’s hardest tracks and Ice Berg pulled it off with grace. Pastor Troy released “Vice Versa” in 2002 on his ‘Universal Soldier’ album. Ice Berg released “Vice Versa Freestyle” in 2012 on his ‘Strictly 4 The Streets 3’ mixtape.


JAY ROCK – “Money Trees Deuce” A sequel to Kendrick Lamar’s (Audio) via @lisafordblog

“Of the many highlights off Kendrick Lamar’s debut studio album good kid, m.A.A.d city, he and Jay Rock’s cut “Money Trees” gave us one of the best hooks of 2012 (forever thankful for “It go Halle Berry, or hallelujah”). Also, Rock’s charged verse contrasted with the lower-key energy of his TDE label mate.

If “Money Trees Deuce” is any indication, maybe currency-bearing forestation is the corner Jay Rock will rep from now until forever. “Deuce” has a more melancholic feel to it, not that the first iteration on gkmc was all good times. Though the sequel is sans Kendrick, Rock is more than capable of steadying “Deuce” on his own.” Time Magazine / Entertainment Weekly