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KREAYSHAWN – Gucci Gucci Video

KREAYSHAWN – Gucci Gucci Video

I’ve been preaching for years for us to stop using the N-word before it becomes viral and a systematic word being thrown around by EVERYBODY, Black AND non-Black. If the Hip-Hop world is ruling, and every Rapper in it is using the N-word , then why can’t rappers from other races be just as ‘ignorant’?

Some say Kreayshawn is making a mockery out of our music…if she’s mocking us, then it serves us right! This little white girl got the rap music industry shaking in their boots. Why? Because she’s a mirror image of what our music has become and represents.

Whoever is mad about her use of the N-word should be mad at themselves instead, as we all have fostered the N-word and made it acceptable in our community by ignoring the word’s history and negative connotations. In other words…we look stupid as hell ‘demeaning’ ourselves but telling other people that they can’t use the word. Really?

Other than that, I believe Kreayshawn to be purely entertaining. I like her style. She’s a cross between that old Salt-n-Pepa mixed with a little of Missy Elliot, and we need more West Coast flavor in Hip Hop right now. She has me excited. I believe her music is strictly for entertainment purposes. I don’t think she’s trying to be a gimmick or deep. Kreayshawn simply wants to entertain and she’s gonna be huge.

The remix of Kreayshawn’s song Gucci, Gucci features Lil Wayne. The below video is the original version.




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