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BON IVER – “Tower” {Music Video}

(bon iver artwork by davis53)


Can someone please explain this video to me? When you watch it in its entirety, you will see that it’s up for interpretation. I don’t understand what Bon Iver is saying and I can’t determine exactly what the video is about. The visuals and acoustics, however, shift my frame of mind with its use of naturalistic imagery (a perfect backdrop for storytelling).

The music itself is timeless (timelessness represented by the ocean) and sounds parallel to new-aged bluegrass. This may explain why Iver won Best New Artist…because he is able to modernize an older genre of music. And by the looks of the video, I think the whole presentation may be best understood by people who’s smoking that kush. Maybe Grammy-winning, Bon Iver, is on that kush. That’s probably what this is all about. Is he bringing back the Woodstock days…lol I think so.

Iver’s single, Tower, is from his self-titled album, Bon Iver. Directed by Nabil Elderkin.

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