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Bruce Springsteen Dedicates Song Performance To Trayvon Martin (VIDEO) -
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Bruce Springsteen Dedicates Song Performance To Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)

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Bruce Springsteen is the one of the BEST MUSICIANS that has ever stepped foot on earth and a bonafide ROCK&ROLL LEGEND. He reads the crowd, writes song for all of the RIGHT reasons! And this powerful song is a clear example of that— American Skin (41 Shots), a song he wrote years ago in response to the 1999 shooting death of unarmed West African immigrant Amadou Diallo served a dual purposE on Springsteen’s. Diallo was killed by a group of then-New York City police officers. He was shot 41 times, according to a police report. (Miami Herald) But on March 23rd, Springsteen performed American Skin in Tampa, and stated before the performance, “This is for Trayvon.”

Springsteen is one of those musicians who uses the power of his music to fight injustices and inspire the world. If only all artists could be as compassionate as he is with the willingness to stand up for what’s right through songwriting. The video and song lyrics also appear on And  American Skin has been permanently been added to his set for his 2012 Wrecking Ball Tour (Dates & Locations listed after the video)


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2012 Wrecking Ball Tour (Bruce Springsteen’s remaining tour dates)


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