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VIC MENSA x Kanye West x Skrillex (Music Video) via @lisafordblog #MusicMonday

I'm featuring one of my favorite new-school rappers for Music Monday... VIC MENSA. writes, "This year Vic has already collaborated with Kaytranada multiple times and with Kanye on one of the hits of the summer with “U Mad” while recently being signed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. We previously heard a live version of his collaboration with Skrillex, “No Chill,” but now we get to hear a radio rip of the studio version, and it exactly what we were hoping for. Skrillex brings his relentless drums and wonky horns as he proves he can produce hip hop as well as he does with his other production efforts. Vic goes in on this heater spitting choppy, lyrical verses while the beat drops in & out and he adds a catchy hook that has us impatiently awaiting more info about his debut studio album, Traffic."
Music Video

RIHANNA – “Bitch Better Have My Money” *Explicit* (Music Video) via @lisafordblog

Ambrosia For Heads writes, "On the heels of becoming the biggest selling singles artist of all-time, Rihanna is not resting on her laurels. Not one to play it safe, she releases the visuals for her boundary pushing song, “Bitch Better Have My Money.” With the same theme of the song, the visual is a story of bloodlust (literally) for someone who has wronged Bad Girl RiRi, financially. The video features blood, abduction, torture and a fair amount of nudity. Needless to say, this is not remotely safe for work."
Music Video

KENDRICK LAMAR – “Alright” (Music Video) ! #Epic via @lisafordblog

This video for KENDRICK LAMAR's iconic "Alright" is beautifully directed. Cut scenes, transitions, it's theme, etc, etc, everything is on point. I haven't been this impressed with DIRECTING and PRODUCTION in a while...or with the lyricism Kendrick presents in this song. Every few years we get a rapper who is a mouth piece for the injustices faced by minorities in America. Tupac was once a mouthpiece, Nas, and lucky for us we are alive to witness a voice bold enough to do the same. Its not always about the money. Kendrick's ideology and his ability to be incredibly provocative to a generation and still remain famous is quite impressive. Kendrick carries slightly more positivity than Pac, but their ideas for the black community and hip hop as a unit are identical "Alright" is my favorite off of his "To Pimp A Butterfly" album because it is politically charged and gets at the root of why Hip Hop was lead a generation farther than they think they could go.
IPOD PicksMusic Video

LACRAE – “All I Need Is You” (Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPod Pick

When LACRAE released “All I Need Is You” (off of his ‘Anomaly’ album) a few months back, and dropped this video, he proved that you can make a good rap song without the n word or swearing, and you don’t have to talk about sex and drugs to be an amazing rapper (or to be featured on this blog). A Christian rap artist (I threw in that label, but rap is rap), a Grammy-Award winner (Best Rap Performance for ‘All I Need Is You’), Lacrae is breaking barriers in the Hip Hop world, so I had to take this time to finally give him his props. It’s refreshing to hear rap music with meaning, rather than just twerking. This is a great song… a very smooth dedication to his wife that conveys a powerful message. And the R&B laced track goes super hard.
IPOD PicksMusic Video

KENDRICK LAMAR ft. Gunplay – “Cartoon & Cereal” (Fan Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPOD Pick!

What do I like about KENDRICK LAMAR's "Cartoons & Cereal"? ... Everything! Watch this this fan video I'm posting. It's simply incredible and wildly creative. The subtle touches like Tupac on the news screen etc, just brilliant. And this song is different from the majority of rap that's currently out. You feel the up & down struggle in the lyrics and in the harmony in the music. Signature Kendrick Lamar. There's no debating that this man is a genius. Lamar is taking Hip Hop to new heights.
IPOD PicksMusic Video

DJ SNAKE & ALUNA GEORGE – “You Know You Like It” (Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPOD Pick

Hello! Today May 10th, is the start of LISA FORD's IPOD Picks. Everyday this week, I'll be posting the songs I've been vibing to recently because at the end of the day, it's all about the music. The IPOD picks will be in no particular order, some are new, some are a little older, but all are hot! I'm kicking things off with DJ SNAKE's & ALUNA GEORGE's - "You Know You Like It". It's an all-around sexy summer hit and this beat is a force! I'm so obsessed with this song right now. Snake, you're doing something right!
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