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Charlamagne Tha God Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Beef w/ Jay-Z (Audio)

In lieu of the whole JAY Z diss, LIL WAYNE  threw into one of the lyrics of his songs, “I’m Good” (posted on blog 8/24), in which he scolds Jay Z for labeling him “Baby Money” by threatening to kidnap Beyonce, Charlamagne Tha God took to the airwaves to basically state that Lil Wayne’s actions were ineffective and a waste-of-time. I couldn’t agree more… And I was happy to see someone addressing this ridiculous beef between two very rich men with too much time on their hands. I especially appreciated how CThaGod talked about what was FACT in Jay Z’s lyrics versus what was FICTION in Lil Wayne’s, which in some regards, brings up the problem with the rap music industry as a whole.

‘The Carter IV’ album was definitely Lil Wayne’s opportunity to come real because there’s nothing much that can stop him at this point. He no longer has to ‘embellish’ his ‘gangster status in order to sell records. Lil Wayne has the power to revamp the rap industry and restore Hip Hop, but he chose not to with cheap shots towards Jay Z. I’m disappointed, and it appears that New York’s Hot 105.1 FM’s Charlamagne The God is too. Listen below…

[Source: Real Talk NY]

Charlamagne Tha God:

I might have respected that line (the one dissing  Jay Z) if he would had said it months ago when H.A.M (Jay Z’s song) first came out, but to do it months later, 5 days before your album is suppose to be released, is a sucker move. ‘The Carter IV’ has a so/so buzz , nothing like that ‘Carter 3’ buzz, and YMCMB knows this so they decided to stir up water to try to catch some fish … that shot should have came with a ‘promotional use only’ sticker.

Jay Z hit em’ with a factual line..he told these cats “You don’t have my lady’s money”. That’s a fact! They don’t have money like Beyonce. Wayne responds with talking about kidnapping his (Jay Z’s) lady and holding her for ransom? C’mon Wayne! You’ve been in the game for a long time. You’ve sold a lot of records, made a lot of money…you’ve got your own movement going….

You could have came with a line way wittier and more creative than that! If you’re gonna come at Jay, talk that Big Boy talk. Act like you’re the boss. Act like you’re the leader of a new generation.Challenge the champ to a battle FOR REAL, if you think you’re built like that…But coming up with this fictional, “I’ll kidnap your lady and hold her for ransom”? You’re not doing nothing like that, LIL Wayne. And 5 days before your album drops?? You should be beyond publicity stunts at this point of your career.


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