Drunk Man Gnawed To Death By A White Tiger! Warning…(Graphic & Disturbing VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

Witnesses say the 22-year-old entered the enclosure despite several attempts by zoo security to keep him from the tigers. A witness said he raced to the enclosure after hearing screams, to see the victim locked in the tiger’s jaws, ‘writhing badly in pain’.

‘Around 1.30pm, when we were in the reptiles area, we heard very loud screams,’ the witness told CNN-IBN news channel.

‘We saw that a white tiger had caught a boy by his neck and he was writhing badly in pain. He kept suffering for the next 10-15 minutes but nobody helped him.’

Another witness said the tiger kept ‘roaming around’ the enclosure, holding the victim by the neck. Zoo officials said the man had appeared to have been ‘under the influence of alcohol’ and that security had tried to keep him away from the tiger enclosure.

‘Despite repeated warnings that he shouldn’t get too close to the outdoor enclosure, the man eventually climbed over a knee-high fence and small hedges, then jumped down 18 feet into a protective moat,‘ National Zoological Park spokesman Riyaz Ahmed Khan said. Authorities eventually frightened the tiger into a small cage inside the enclosure.



man easten by tiger

Source: rightwingnews


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