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FIRST OFF!! (What’s on Lisa Ford’s mind!)… I MISS DR.DRE!!

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Dear Dr. Dre,

Can you please come out with another CHRONIC album? And I can tell you that I speak for millions of us. Your records bring back so many memories for me. It reminds me of the days when music was good, when production of tracks were thoroughly thought out, and when it took more than just having access to equipment to be a producer.

When it was Dre’s day, we had pure magic, creativity, and kamikaze sounds that no one had ever heard before until you jumped into the scene. What was on your mind when you produced High Powered on the first CHRONIC album and Still Dre on the second? You took rap and magnified it to the tenth power. No one is doing that now. There is nothing ingenuous about music today. People are making more money, flashing a lot more diamonds around, but no one today has finished what you’ve started. Only a genius can create Let Me Ride and It Ain’t Nuthin But A Thang. Please bring it all back.

Now I don’t care about the politics and I don’t care about the history you had in the past with the haters. You already told them in CHRONIC, they can eat a fat d#ck…so that’s done. All I care about is here and now, and now… there ain’t nothing good on the radio. Everything sounds the same, there’s no storytelling in new music, nothing funny or comedic describing life like you described Los Angeles. Just a bunch of nuts (with all due respect), talking about peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and rapping (singing) with voice synthesizers.

Dr. Dre, some of this new stuff literally hurts my ears and I might abandon RAP forever unless you step in and do something. You’re not too old to come back, look at Ice T’s old ass still performing. Reverend Run gets on stage from time to time and hell, Diddy has a son damn-near my age! So please come back and breathe some life into the music industry.


Lisa Ford


The first CHRONIC album has been re-released (check pic below) this week with some additional tracks. The CEO of Death Row Records (now WIDEawake Entertainment), Lara Lavi states,”I think he’s a genius, so we decided to honor Dr. Dre, honor the authentic O.G., and put out a digitally remastered album back to the original sound Dre intended.”

Among the additional songs on an accompanying DVD are “Poor Young Dave,” (featuring Snoop), “Slippin in the West” (featuring CPO and Kurupt), “Smoke Enough Bud” (featuring Jewell and Snoop), “Foo Nay Mic” (featuring CPO), “Dog Collar” (featuring Snoop, Lady V, KV, Big Pimpin, 6’9″, Twin and Badass), “Touchdown” (featuring Snoop and Threat) and “Would You Ride” (featuring Kurupt, Amber, Tyrone, Daz and Snoop). Read more of the story on mtv HERE:

There is no current information made public as to what cut Dr Dre. is getting from the re-release of CHRONIC, but hopefully he’s good and that this is the start to more music like it…right now, he’s wrapping up his new album DETOX ft. 50 cent and more coming out sometime this month. Here’s what 50 had to say about Dr. Dre’s new release.

50 cent, “He’s working on it. I’ve recorded two songs for him. He’s such a perfectionist. But sometimes that can be a bad thing. You create new pressure when you wait that long. When you put a new album against the last two classics, people will scrutinize it if they become impatient.”

Here’s hoping that Dr. Dre does CHRONIC justice with his release of DETOX.



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