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Interview w/ 8 BALL & MJG

8-BALL & MJG ARE BACK!!!! Check out their latest Interview!!!


I’ve been wondering for a long-ass time about these brothas whereabouts. 8-Ball & MJG placed memphis and Pimpin-music on the map! The kinda fell off a little bit when they linked up with Diddy. But now their back in full force!! Check out this interview I found on HIP HOP DX yesterday…

HipHopDX: Most of us have followed you from Suave House to JCor, Bad Boy, and so on. What makes E1 Entertainment the ideal situation at this time?

8BALL: Waht makes it ideal is that we’re not artists on Grand hustle Records. We have a deal with 8Ball & MJG and Grand Hustle and then a distribution deal with E1. it gives us control over alot more things than just music.

DX: A lot has been made of the partnership with T.I. and Grand Hustle, was the song “Bezzle” the first time you guys worked together?

MJG: I think kind of, unofficially. Didn’t y’all do something?

8Ball: Yeah, I think “Look At The Grillz” was the first one.

MJG: But we had always been around Tip, and he was around us. We were in Atlanta doing a lot of recording. Back when he was a younger cat, he was always around the studio. So we were already kind of mingling on that type of tip. But, “Look At The Grillz” was the first official thing.

DX:You guys make no secret that you weren’t happy with the business end on your first deals. Does that affect how you deal artists under you like Hillcrunk or Rock Dillon.

8Ball: Definitely. Every experience that we’ve had, from Suave [House] to JCor to Bad Boy, and even now, is still a learning experience. As far as our labels, or whatever we do in the future, all of that was learning for us. Now, in order to do some of the stuff we did at Suave, you have to be in a different mind frame. Most of the stuff I learned from Bad Boy, I might use in the future with my artists. With 8 Ways, I’m more trying to build my own lane and keep it a certain way.

DX: Does the same apply with you and Space Age Entertainment, MJG?

MJG: Yeah. I just want to be big in Rap and R&B. I’m just writing, doing my own projects and do different things. We just want to make quality stuff and stand the test of time like we have. It’s an avenue to keep this type of stuff out there.

DX: Some of your greatest collaborations have been with UGK. Can either of you explain why people can’t mention 8Ball & MJG without mentioning UGK and vice versa?

MJG: Really, I think it’s all about timing and placement. With both [groups] coming out of pretty much the same region and at around the same time…

8Ball: We both have that Soul music. People who relate to them can relate to us, and vice versa. And at one time, it was the visual too. You had one big dude and one little dude…Bun [B] was a little bigger back then, and Pimp [C] was a little thinner.

DX: MJG, you’ve got Space Age Entertainment. As a producer, was there any kind of transition from 48 tracks and SSL boards to Pro Tools, or is it all just music?

MJG: Basically, it’s all just music in the end because that’s how we learned it. At the same time, we always try to keep up with the times on the Space Age [Pimpin’] tip. If things changed, we try to get weaned into it. We still apply other stuff and older techniques and used the skills you’ve built over time. That way you can still get the same sound out of whatever equipment you use. But we definitely tinker around with whatever is new at the time.

HipHopDX: Between mixtapes, leaks, blogs and sites like us, artists have to give away a lot of music and put out material a lot more often. Was that a difficult transition?

8Ball: I’m not really big into that, but I Twitter when necessary—my screen name is @GoldMouthElvis. I’ll check YouTube every once in a while to watch something. It’s still hard to get used to with cats like us. It ain’t the point of giving away so much music, we just come from another time. But we’re rolling with it, and we’ll do a mixtape here and there. You might never see 10 8Ball & MJG mixtapes in a month or a year like some of these cats.

That bitch that you fuckin’ everyday? That pussy gets old. But then you got that other one who you might hit every couple of months, and it’s like, “Damn!” when you in that motherfucker. That’s how we wanna do, man. We wanna just tap it every once in a while so you can love it when you get it.


[Click HERE to read full interview on Hip Hop Dx]




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