Mos Def, Dead Prez & MikeFlo “Made You Die” – Trayvon Martin Tribute

(mos def artwork by xjtrx)


Leave it to Mos Def to use his influence in Hip Hop to speak up about Trayvon Martin. Now my question is, where are the others? Kanye is rapping about Kim Kardashian. Nicki rapping about being up in the strip club. But what about speaking up on the issue of racial profiling at its height? Isn’t this the purpose of Hip Hop? Aren’t rappers suppose to be our teachers and stand up for the injustices affecting our culture? TRAYVON MARTIN’s death is affecting our culture right now!!!

Like many others, I’m upset over Trayvon’s shooting incident, and his killer, Zimmerman, has a league of people standing up for him. I’m hurt because I don’t see how anyone could support a child killer!! Then I turn on the radio and sort of realize how that bullsh*t can happen.

I don’t hear a single song about Trayvon on the urban radio stations. I’m don’t see any major Hip Hop artists (the group who would truly represent Trayvon and the young black youth) speaking up on CNN, or at the marches, or in their music, etc. Just people rapping about their money and Bentleys as usual. And this shit is getting old. Here’s a chance to stand up and actually say something worthwhile, but I hear nothing but crickets chirping.

No wonder why Zimmerman’s supporters look at us as hypocrites. No wonder why Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon in the first place! He probably thought Trayvon was just a dumb ass looking to rob somebody to buy shoes or something stupid like that. When are we going to rise up? When are we going to uplift our generation to a new platform??

Shoutout to MOS DEF, Dead Prez & MikeFlo for the “Made You Die” Trayvon Martin Tribute. These guys have been and will always be in tuned (literally). Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez and MikeFlo link up to record a new tribute song dedicated to Trayvon Martin. The foursome use Nas’ “Made You Look” instrumental as the backdrop.



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