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Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa – “EVERYBODY” [VIDEO] Directed by: Sleezy Al


I like the gritty and grimy feel of Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa ‘s, Everybody, video. The imagery in the video is synonymous to Grim’s hustle and grime in the streets of Miami. He is a prime example of how independent artistry takes every fiber in your being to stay on course and to see the light at the end of a muddy and dark tunnel…as Mr. Grim 2 Da Reapa has pushed tens of thousands of units on his own. He is Miami’s self-proclaimed 1st Conscious Rapper and views expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class struggle, religion, and politics. Grim has taken on the task of leading his listeners from grit and despair into the light. Will he succeed in his endeavour? YES

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