My 2 Most Favorite Hardcore Gangsters in urban Film!!

The 2 Most Gangsta Scenes Ever in Urban Film!!!

I picked two of my personal favorites…the ones that still stick in my mind…when Tupac played BISHOP in JUICE and Larenz Tate played O-DOG in MENACE II SOCIETY. If you’ve seen these movies, then the clips below are the ones you’ll never forget. They don’t make them rough and raw like this anymore. So I Salute! two of the most hardcore characters in urban film~

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TUPAC AS BISHOP IN JUICE. This is the scene when it was clear that Bishop had lost his mind and had gone crazy. There was no blood or gore in the scene, but everyone who watched it was scared as hell~

LARENZ TATE AS O-DOG IN MENACE II SOCIETY. This film went into the mind of a maniac like no one has ever seen before it was projected onto the big screen. O-DOG was America’s worst nightmare because he was a product of our society. The film was made when gang violence in California was at a climax. And the following scene shows us just how crazy O-Dog was.


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[MENACE II SOCIETY – Directed by the Hughes Brothers]




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