My Open Letter To Officer Bill Lee, The Man Who Refuses To Arrest A Child Murderer!


Below is the letter I’m mailing to Police Chief Bill Lee (along with an empty Skittles bag) in response to his mismanaging of the Trayvon Martin (pictured above) Case. I’m sending this letter to Bill Lee at: Sanford Police Station 815 West 13th Street Santford, FL 32771.


Dear Police Chief Bill Lee of Sanford, FL,

Give us all American Citizens one reason why you feel its ok for Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman to walk free. Obviously this horrendous crime was premeditated… according to the 911 tapes, when Zimmerman began his pursuit of this child, no laws were being broken, and his ‘suspicions’ were unfounded. Why do you believe this child should die without consequence to the killer? If it were your son, who was unarmed walking home with a bag of skittles, would you allow HIS killer to go free?

My family and I have driven through your city on numerous occasions on our way to visit family members further north.  While in your city, am I safe under your jurisdiction? In my mind, the man who allows a murderer to go free is just as guilty as the murderer himself. Should people who knowingly obstructs justice be allowed to hold the position of Police Chief?

Sir, how do you sleep at night? What type of human being are you? What type of values were instilled in you when YOU were a child? Were your parents racists? Is that why you feel its ok for Zimmerman to shoot a black unarmed child in the back? Is the world really a better place because of the job you do? Why don’t you let the world know what type of man you are?

It’s people like you who makes people like me question God. Because you let over-zealous cowards like Zimmerman walk our Florida streets. As a Floridian, I was under the impression that the “Stand Your Ground Law” was to protect one’s self one one’s own property. Zimmerman (who wasn’t even registered with the neighborhood watch group), obviously went around looking for black people to kill. My God, this fool called 911 over 46 times to no avail, wasting taxpayers money. And you let him go without testing him for drunkenness or consideration of his criminal background.

Mr. Lee, are you crazy? Do you really believe that your city is going to get away with allowing biased vigilantes to kill children? Yes I’m angry (as you can see) because I don’t understand this logic. As an officer of the law, you’re the last person who should be allowing people to become victims of racial profiling. Explain to me why you believed that a child walking home from the store seemed suspicious? Why would Trayvon Martin be walking through a neighborhood that wasn’t his own and picking a fights with a grown man who is at least 100 lbs bigger than him? Can you Mr. ‘Officer Of The Law’ explain how you rationalized this in your mind?

Bottom line, Mr. Lee, you appear to be a racist. I was told that the leading officer of this case also let a man walk after beating a homeless black man in another non-related case. Your city is a haven for injustice. And your name is synonymous with unfairness. Are you happy to see Trayvon Martin dead in the streets? Does this bring joy to your life?

Does Trayvon Martin’s death make your community safer? And are we safer with Zimmerman on the streets? I ask these questions because you have refused to make statements to the media. Why is that? If justice has been served, then why are all of you hiding from the media?

I feel that I’m being ‘served and protected’ by a bunch of cowards who could care less about my safety and the safety of my fellow Americans. This job is just a pay check to you, which is why you have failed to do it justly and correctly. I call for your arrest for obstruction of Justice. Hopefully the FBI will follow through with that request.

Looking forward to justice being served.

Lisa Ford / Journalist




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