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JOEY BADA$$ – “Big Dusty” (Music Video) #ThrowbackThursday via @lisafordblog

I consider young Joey Bada$$ one of the leaders of the new school because he's dropping classics straight out the gate and releasing music that his ahead of his time. If you listen to his delivery on hits like this one, "Big Dusty", and "95 til infinity", you'll see that Joey has a deep understanding of hip hop music history with an ear to develop quality songs at the right time of the hip hop cycle...aka publishing songs that's countering a lot of the pop rap garbage. I'm excited to see what he comes out with next. Excellent work Joey Bada$$.

RARE Handwritten Poems By TUPAC SHAKUR Released

HipHopDX writes, "NOISEY has published three handwritten poems written by a teenage Tupac Shakur accompanied by an essay by writer and author of 2pac vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap’s Greatest Battle Jeff Weiss. While the site advertises the poems as previously unreleased, all three poems appeared in a posthumous book release of poetry by the rapper in 1999 called The Rose that Grew from Concrete. Noisey’s article includes images of the handwritten poems that were written between 1989 and 1991."

T.I. ft Trae the Truth & Troy Ave – “Try Me” (New Music)

I'm drunk once again (don't know why because I'm not a drinker), and really am too incoherent to be writing right now. All I know is that I love the hell out of T.I., the one rapper who is pretty much an anchor in the rap music industry, and his new single features new-schoolers; Troy Ave. and Trae The Truth.
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MOBB DEEP – “Back At You” (Music Video) #ThrowbackThursday via @lisafordblog

In "Back At You", Havoc's and Prodigy's flow is very fluid, seamless, and interchangeable between the two. Lyrically, I will admit, Mobb Deep hadn't reached their peaks at this point, but they were very close. And lets not be ignorant. The video is raw as fuck! As far as the instrumental goes, can you really argue how elite it is in its simplicity? So in summation, with all those elements considered and combined, I feel that this is their best song ever.
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