I haven’t listened to the Pusha T’s entire “My Name Is My Name” album yet, but I heard that he has a lot of features on his new joint. Not that Pusha T needs a slew of rappers featured on his new album, because lyrically he can stand on his own. I’m rambling on this blog post because it’s late at night and I’m tired as hell from working long ass days. So let me just get into the video for his new hit, “Pain” featuring ‘vocals’ from rapper Future. Check it out…

I really like the vocals… this is classic TLC! The group stuck to their original sound and original formula. Slowly by surely TLC is making a comeback, as they appeared on J. Cole’s hit, “Crooked Smile” and recently performed at the iHeart Radio Music festival in Las Vegas. Their new joint, “Meant To Be.” is co-written by Ne-Yo, and the first new single from their upcoming “20” album. Crazy Sexy Cool – The legacy continues…

LAURYN HILL has always been a political rapper whose music carried strong social messages and ‘Consumerism’ is no different. Hill throws a focus on “ism” through her powerful lyricism on this track, a beat that is reminiscent of that ‘Fugee’ flow from back in the day.

Hill’s voice is animated as she speaks on skepticism, modernism, hedonism, fascism, hypnotism, secularism, ageism, sexism, egotism, etc. That passion we all know her for is heightened in her new song off of her upcoming “Letters From Exile” project, as she raps ‘through a heady list of societal woes’.

This video pretty much sums up black Twitter perfectly!! Surveys show that African-Americans are a dominate force on Twitter, making up about 40% of users. So the world is usually interested in what’s trending in #blacktwitter and what is #blacktwitter’s opinion of certain hot topics and social issues. This video, however, focuses on the caricatures of black twitter, shedding the light on the day-to-day dialogue from some of the typical characters you may see. Producer, Issa Rae, came up with the genius idea that seems to be pretty accurate (and funny!). Check it out …

Developed by Visual Concepts, NBA 2K14 launched today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! Polygon states, “A TV spot for NBA 2K14 offers the first look at how 2K Sports’ basketball title will appear on next-gen consoles.

Starring cover athlete LeBron James, the commercial focuses on James playing in the real world before transitioning to how the Miami Heat star looks inside the game. The glimpse is brief, though we do get to see how the next generation of consoles will handle things like facial expressions and cloth physics.”

Bottom line … This next gen graphics are INSANE! So real. It looks simply unbelievable….graphically one of the best sports game I have ever seen.

Mark your calendars!! HistoryMiami is offering you an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience!! Curated by the GRAMMY Museum™ at L.A. LIVE and endorsed by the Marley family, the BOB MARLEY MESSENGER exhibition visits Miami from October 11, 2013 – January 5, 2014 on its last stop before it travels to Jamaica forever. You absolutely can not miss this historical occasion as it will leave an everlasting imprint and show you things you never knew about the beloved legend himself.

The exhibition brings together diverse artifacts, rare photographs and more from the private collection of the Marley family. And “Bob Marley Messenger” explores Bob Marley as a private, spiritual man, and powerful performer whose lyrics gave voice to the disenfranchised and continues to inspire legions of fans since his death more than 30 years ago. Formerly known as the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, History Miami is now the premier cultural institution in South Florida that is committed to celebrating, preserving and gathering people around Miami’s unique history. And they invite everyone to celebrate the legacy of BOB MARLEY at the opening celebration. Check out the details…

Included in this post are some explosive photos from the biggest music event in radio history!! The 2013 iHeartRadio Music festival went down last weekend at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. A long list of heavyweight musicians graced the stage including; Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Drake, J. Cole, TLC, Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Tiesto, Muse, Keith Urban, Chris Brown, Miguel, Bruno Mars, Zedd, Ke$sha, and Robin Thicke just to name a few. This massive 2-day event was a music lover’s dream-come-true! Check out the pics…

J COLE continues to captivate the rap music industry dropping new visuals for his Billboard Top 40 hit, “Crooked Smile” off of his critically-acclaimed, “Born Sinner” album. “Cooked Smile” offers a powerful message within itself, but Cole takes the video deeper, delving into the real life story of Aiyana Jones, a 7 year girl who was accidentally shot by the DEA in Detroit. The messages in the song and video differ, but he used the popularity of the song to get the video viewed and get his message across to the millions anticipating the video. It’s an amazing concept and a great tribute. And it’s always nice to see artists use their platform for good; Thank you J. Cole.

“Cup Inside a Cup” is the latest visual off Stalley’s ‘Mixtape of the Year’ nominated “Honest Cowboy”. The video is directed by Daniel Cummings and the song is produced by BCG’s own Black Diamond. “The Honest Cowboy” EP dropped yesterday 9/17 on iTunes!

Arsenio Hall is back!!! And Snoop Dog had the Arsenio House Rocking and Partying. Snoop performed his classic hit, “What’s My Name”, but one Snoop Dogg song wasn’t enough. So Arsenio brought the D-O-Double-G out to close the show with “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” The band added a nice touch to his performance. Loved it. Welcome Back Arsenio, King of Late Night Show.

Are we building a new generation of hologram old-school hip hop artists? I think so. 18 months ago, Tupac, in the form of a hologram, was resurrected and shocked fans with a performance at the Coachella Music Festival in California. Now we have another legend who’s appeared from beyond the grave… EASY E!

Check out the video of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s set at Rock the Bells 2013 Saturday night. Halfway through their performances, the members of the Cleveland hip hop group cleared the middle of the stage to introduce the former N.W.A. member. Hologram Eazy-E, rises as 1988’s “We Want Eazy” played in the background. The memorable moment in Hip Hop went down and the realistic features on the hologram which really brought the Compton rapper back if even for one night.

Talk about having one of the best times ever!! “Blurred Lines” &“Get Lucky’s”, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams graced the stage yesterday at the glamorous Fountainebleu Hilton on world famous Miami Beach…an event that’s part of the hotel’s recurring BleauLive series.

It was too hot for clothes and all the sexy people sipped champagne and cocktails by the pool while listening to the inviting vocals of the R&B superstar and the Grammy-winning super-producer, both with the two biggest songs of the summer! My favorite Pharrell performance was ‘Beautiful’ off of Snoop’s album, where he serenaded bikini babes. And Thicke kicked things off with ‘I Wanna Love You Girl’, ending with his hit ‘Blurred Lines’. The pool party and concert were absolutely a great way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend! Check out the pics.

Considered one of the best MC’s in the game, EMINEM has decided to grace the world of hip hop with a new hardcore rap album titled, “MMLP2”. It’s named after Eminem’s classic 2000 album, “Marshal Mathers LP,” and is set to be released November the 5th! ‘MMLP2’ is Eminem’s first album since 2010’s Grammy-winning “Recovery,” and he gave us a little taste with his first single cleverly called, “Berzerk”. Take a listen…..

What type of legacy will the character of WALTER WHITE leave behind? Will the devotion of “Breaking Bad” fans forever immortalize the newest drug kingpin of television? After all, his story is a tale of redemption, one in which the powerless becomes the powerful. It’s a story about a man who tests life’s boundaries after being pushed to the edge. His is a tale of someone rising up from ground zero.

‘Breaking Bad’ presents a very powerful narrative, because we love Walter White even though he’s a bad man. We want him to succeed. We want him to make lots of money. We want him to beat the cancer that served as the catalyst of his uprise, or downfall, which ever way you want to look at it. Why? Because we all love the underdog.

It’s entertaining to watch a troubled man like Walter White think outside of the box … even if that box is outside of the law. White wasn’t always the bad guy, right? He did try, at least, to handle things the right way, but it just didn’t work out. So this ex-science teacher used his knowledge of chemistry to manufacture to most potent Methamphetamine known to man. And in the final season of ‘Breaking Bad’, the notorious, Walter White, is on the merge of getting busted. Check out the recap…

TIME LAPSED – by Lisa Ford

Totally unplanned, and against my will, I took an impromptu vacation, the first in about four years. After many months of running a hundred miles a minute, my body gave way and forced me to slow down. I silenced myself, refraining from blogging and social media to gain perspective. And today, I feel much better.

Now before you ask, “Where were you, Lisa? I know you were at the best parties. I know you were hanging with all the celebrities getting twisted off the alcohol and all that!!” Naw, not this time… In reality, I didn’t have to go ANYWHERE to have a good time. When you see these pics and the time lapse video of my neighborhood, you’ll know why. I’m going get a little personal on the blog this time, and bring you into my world. I’ve decided to show you where I’ve been the past couple of weeks…home.

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