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DOM KENNEDY – “After School” (Music Video) @LISAFORDBLOG’s IPOD Pick

DOM KENNEDY is 'so West Coast' and his laid back flow on this laid back beat proves it. 'After School' is classic Hip Hop and it's one of those songs that make you feel high without smoking a pound of weed. This has been my cruising song since I first listened to the album because it's so hardcore. "After School' is off of Dom's "Get Home Safely" album, which dropped a while ago, so these new visuals for is a special treat for us hip hop heads.
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NICO & VINZ – “Am I Wrong” [Music Video] @LISAFORDBLOG’s IPOD Pick

The main thing I love about "Am I Wrong" by the Norwegian duo, NICO & VINZ, is that it was created for Dreamers. The message in this song, 'to believe in yourself', is so strong, it makes the hairs on my arms rise and sends chills down my spine. 'Am I Wrong' has inspired me all year long, when it broke out as a huge success last summer in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia...and when the duo went by the name, 'Envy'. 'Am I Wrong' is by far the song of the year and reminds me of why I love music so much. NICO & VINZ's international success is a pretty meteoric rise.
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Katie Noonan – “Crazy” Cover (Gnarls Barkley) #MusicMonday @Lisafordblog’s IPod Pick

If you've watched the last episode of "Suits" (USA Network), then I'm sure you recognized a sultry version of Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy" playing in the background of a steamy scene. That was actually singer, Daniela Andrade's, cover of the song, but a lot of people are getting that version mixed up Katie Noonan's cover. Noonan's (the one I posted) is better because she threw a jazzy spin on the hit record, and the blend between her voice and the background music is simply superb. If you're wondering what instrument is playing at the beginning. I'm pretty sure it's a Wurlitzer electric piano. Unless I'm wrong, in which case, it could be a Rhodes. Noonan's version of "Crazy" is fantastic, amazing, beautiful and stunning, and makes me fall in love with the song every time I hear her sing it. Take a listen.
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BOAZ ft. SCARFACE – “Hard to Forget It” (New Music)

When the legend Scarface laces your track with an iconic flow, you're that man. Pittsburgh rapper, BOAZ, paired up with FACE for his single, "Hard To Forget It", which on Boaz’s upcoming mixtape series that will be introduced in a few weeks. “I’m really trying to solidify myself as a guy whose music is sincere and from the heart. I want to connect with the fans in a way. I don’t want to be a bad influence. I want to inspire people and not so much by the words in the music, but by the effects of the music,” Boaz said of his upcoming album on Rostrum Records. He stated that working with Scarface was a a privilege.

“THE PURGE ANARCHY” In Theaters Today! (Movie Trailer)

The 2nd installment of THE PURGE looks like it will be 10x better than the first! You know that film, where you are given a day to get away with murder or any crime you choose to deter criminals for doing such all year long. What a crazy ass concept, but THE PURGE films are nothing to f*ck with. Not only are these great horror films, but it leaves a lot to your imagination. What would you do under these same circumstances? Is there something you want to do and wish you could get away with it? lol It's a little terrifying if you think about it. That's what makes THE PURGE ANARCHY an already cult favorite. (Edited: Initially I said there were 3 movies total but The PURGE: Anarchy is the sequel to the first film)

JEEZY States JAY Z Cried For His Verse on – “Seen It All” (VIDEO)

FreeOnSmash states that 'the track struck Hov so much he recorded it and sent it back in 30-40 minutes tops'. I must say that his verse on Jeezy's 'Seen It All' is one of Jay's most memorable. The single was initally meant for Jay Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail', but was saved for Jeezy's album which would be released much later. These two has layed down some hardcore duets in the past, but 'Seen It All' means just that...we've now seen it all.
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KIESZA – “Hideaway” @LISAFORDBlog ‘s IPOD Pick

I like this record because Kiesza, the Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and dancer from Calgary, reminds me of two soprano favorites; Teena Marie and Sheena Easton. It's cool how Kiezsa lends her voice to that party rock-style music, although the video doesn't reflect how hard this song goes in the club. However, this dance beat and Kiesza's voice is an excellent combination. Her fetish for New York, 90's hip-hop, breaking, locking, and street jazz moves, is reflected in Hideaway's visuals.

Black Kid Depicted As A Lap Dog In New “Feed A Child” TV AD (VIDEO) SMH!!!

When I see pictures of starving children in the media, on the internet, etc, with their bones and ribs sticking out, I break down in tears every time. Photos like these devastate me, not only because it shows young children suffering, but it's a reminder of how inexplicable it is that we have these hungry kids and billionaires on the same planet at the same time. There should be enough food in this world to feed everybody. I will never understand this phenomenon, the epidemic of starvation. It's heartbreaking to say the least. To add insult to injury, this clown of a charity organization in South Africa called "Feed A Child" adds racism against these kids into the mix. They put out a video depicting a black child as a lap dog. It shows the little boy being given treats by a white woman as he rests his head on her lap. When he brings her a newspaper in bed, he is given another treat. What type of nonsense is this? Feed SA Director Candice Etberg has reportedly defended the ad, pointing out, "This is a great advert that highlights what is actually going on. The average dog does eat better than most children in this country." But I don't buy that bullsh*t.
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