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Rapper, SHYNE, In The Booth!! {Footage} -

Rapper, SHYNE, In The Booth!! {Footage}


Lior Mizrahi / AFP / Getty Images


Jewish US rapper Shyne studies the Torah at the Esh Hatora yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Shyne is about to take some of that ‘Diddy pay-off’ money and turn it into one huge comeback of a career. He deserves it too. Who knows how bright Shyne would have shined had he not taken that gun charge a dozen years ago (in popular opinion, it was Diddy, with J-Lo at the time, who fired that pistol in the nightclub, not Shyne). Shyne was quite possibly Hip Hop’s next Tupac and he deserves every bit of success coming to him. By the sounds coming from that booth (video below), he’s recording dope new music specifically for that purpose.

Shyne, he has completed two unreleased albums, Gangland and Messiah. Both are rap, but “totally philosophical and sophisticated,” he says. “No misogyny. None of that deranged stuff  I used to be into” a decade or so ago, as a protégé of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs at Bad Boy Entertainment.”  The faith he says changed his life involved embracing his heritage as a black man, forswearing destructive behaviors, covering his head and taking a new name. The former Jamal Michael Barrow, a.k.a. Shyne, a.k.a. Shyne Poloeniut, now answers to Moshe Levi.  (GlobalSpin).

Shyne, now an Ultra-Orthodox Jew, is going to be that One who makes a significant difference in Hip Hop because he not only brings experience and infamy (the engine that powers rap music), he brings a diverse perspective with a new set of eyes. Shyne has travelled to Jerusalem and underwent a spiritual transformation so, his manifestation will be an interesting influence to the music he creates and to the genre of Hip Hop as a whole. He is certainly going to come at us on a higher and deeper level, almost restoring order. Even though, he doesn’t even want to be a rapper. Shyne states,“I don’t listen to that music. I’m a musician. I’d rather be like Bob Marley or Leonard Cohen, one of those guys.”


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