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RIHANNA – “Where Have You Been” (New VIDEO) & Is Rihanna Talented or Is It Just Hype

(rihanna artwork by seeso2d)


The industry is all about formulas, and Rihanna, in a sense, is the black ‘Pat Benatar’, which seems to be working for her. Even before Jay Z knew what to do with her, Rihanna had a large young audience gravitating towards her after the release of her first hit “Pon De Replay”. I continue to write about her because I like her edginess and versatility (R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronica). I think the chick has talent and can really blow, unlike her counterparts who truly are just marketing gimmicks, (Britney Spears -pop and Miley Cyrus – country). Rihanna has won five American Music Awards, eighteen Billboard Music Awards, two BRIT Awards and six Grammy Awards…Was is all just hype? The question still remains, does Rihanna possess real talent or not? Here was her latest video…you be the judge.

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  1. I think Rihanna is a POP artist period. And pop artist usually do well because bubble gum music transcends across all genres opening the artist to a larger audience. I think she still needs to grow as an artist. Or just grow up period. She is definitely entertaining, but maturity will make her even bigger.

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