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“SHOTTAS” – The Series – [Official Trailer]


SHOTTAS  gives you a gritty glimpse into violent lifestyle in the slums of Jamacia and the streets of Miami. Starring Ky-mani Marley (BIGGS, the kingpin & top SHOTTA)  Spragga Benz (trigger-happy WAYNE),  Paul Campbell (MAD MAX, the  grinning sociopath) and Louie Rankin ( Teddy Bruck Shut, the antagonist), this film is one of the hardest organized crime movies I’ve ever saw.

SHOTTAS already has a cult following as it portrays adrenaline-fueled impulsiveness of its lost youth on the rampage. The characters hustle and struggle to survive in a chaotic, life-or-death environment which reminds us of the civilized society we take for granted. Legendary musician, Ky-mani Marley,  has recently expanded the popular flick into a new televised series. Check out the trailer below….


I would say it’s action-packed and also a level above where we left off.  Ky-mani Marley


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