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MOBB DEEP’s, PRODIGY, has passed away. HE was 42. RIP to the Legend via @lisafordblog

"To all the killers and the hundred dolla billers" Hip Hop lost a legend today… RIP PRODIGY, the infamous lyricist from Iconic rap duo, MOBB DEEP. Songs like “Survival of the Fittest” inspired me and increased my undying love for Hip Hop, and "The Infamous", album was one of the best Hip Hop projects of all time. I keep the "Shook Ones Part 2" playing in regular rotation DAILY, as this is one of the few songs that captivate my ears. And Mobb Deep’s influential music has been described by Rolling Stone magazine as a "raw, vivid, and vicious distillation of East Coast gangsta rap". The cause of PRODIGY’s death is yet to be determined, but the “Poetical Prophet” has long been battling with sickle cell disease, where the life expectancy is only about 40 years old. Seems like every other day the world shows you that we’re not immortal. Hip Hop lost another G.O.A.T.

FREDRO STARR Devours KEITH MURRAY In Diabolical Rap Battle! A Fight Nearly Ensues! (VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

Before I get into this blog post, I must say that this is what Hip Hop needs...Diabolical Rap Battles featuring the latest and the greatest. Case in point...FREDRO STARR vs. KEITH MURRAY! AmbrosiaForHeads writes, "After more than a year of hype, promotion, and anticipation, Keith Murray and Fredro Starr finally battled. The October 4 battle at Brooklyn, New York’s Milk River saw the two 1990s major label stars from their crews (Def Squad and ONYX, respectively) square off in a crowded boxing ring. Perhaps symbolically, the MC battle nearly became a physical tussle after the men—and referees struggled to manage the microphone—and each others’ personal space. The MC War event is captured on film, and features nearly 30 minutes of action—and not all of it is head-to-head rhyming. However, Heads can largely agree that it was Fredro’s night, in a battle that seemed to go as deep as its hype videos projected."
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COMMON – “War” (Audio) #ThrowbackThursday via @lisafordblog

One of the best songs Common created, "War", for some strange reason isn't featured on his latest album, "Nobody's Smiling"... which is why it was a must that I posted it on this blog. The production sounds like something wicked from a 60's or 70's horror flick laced with Common's diabolical lyricism. It's just an all around great record that zooms in on the crisis and violence we are witnessing in Chicago and in America's inner cities. In the Outro of "War", Common states, "The direction was we, we came up with this concept, Nobody Smiling was really a thought that came about because of all the violence that was going on in Chicago, or that is going on. I like to say "was" cause we gon' bring it in for wishing that it's gonna stop. You know and uh, all the violence that was going on - it happens in Chicago but it's happening around the world in many ways. You know, it may not be to the numbers that's happening in Chicago but it's happening in the inner cities all over America so we's talking about the conditions of what's happening when I said "Nobody Smiling" but it's really a call to action."
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FAITH EVANS Updates Us On BIGGIE’S Murder Investigation! (Video)

Faith Evans speaks out about the on-going investigation into Biggie's death on the Arsenio Hall show. They had a frank and honest conversation about the LAPD and what comes next. "We just basically stopped spending our money on trying to hope that the LAPD was gonna do their part. So it's not closed, it's just a matter of when they really feel they wanna do the right thing, because we, in our hearts, feel we know what happened, and we believe they know what happened." - Faith Evans

L.O. – “Everything New” prod. by Don Suave (Hot New Music)!

"This past May, I released a street album titled "Work In Progress 3". Throughout the year I campaigned the project with radio and performances and videos and such. With this new record, "Everything New", I'm kicking 2014 off with new music to keep people listening. I plan on dropping a few projects this year with visual content." - L.O.

50 CENT – “This Is Murder, Not Music” (New Music!)

50 CENT celebrates the new year by releasing a new freestyle, "This Is Murder Not Music". His new joint is just a warning shot of what's to come. The aggression in music was SPARKED by Fif 10yrs ago & its just recently returning in 2013/14. This content is MEAN. This hook is MEAN. This simplistic beat is MEAN. The sh*t talking is MEAN. 50's sh*t talkin' is unmatched cause we know its coming from a real place. His next album, "Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win," drops soon.
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CJ FLY – “Still The Motto” (Music Video) Lisa Ford’s IPod Pick!!

Pro Era's CJ FLY gives you a tour around his hometown Brooklyn, New York on some jazzy Cookin Soul production. 'Still The Motto' has a sick ass beat that reminds you of that old-fashion hip hop. It one of those 'good feelin' songs that relaxes your mind, uplifts you, and takes you back to a time when you were carefree. CJ Fly tells you to puff on the weed but you don't need to smoke weed when listening to this. It's 'Fly' all on it's own.

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