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Highlights From The SCHOOLBOY Q x Heineken X Fillmore Miami Beach Fundraising Concert via @lisafordblog

Let's send a special shoutout to TDE artist, SCHOOLBOY Q, for taking part in assisting South Florida in restoring one of our treasured venues. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, in collaboration with Heineken USA and Indiegogo, conducted crowdfunding campaign to raise money to restore Miami Marine Stadium. The campaign, that aimed to begin restoration on the Virginia Key landmark, which has seen artists from the Beach Boys to Ray Charles, solicited SCHOOLBOY Q and ISAIAH RASHAD, to perform at the Fillmore Miami Beach last week September 29. Everyone in the audience donated to the cause and was able to attend one of the dopest Hip Hop shows ever.

VINCE STAPLES – “Norf Norf” (Visual Audio) Explicit via @lisafordblog #MM

VINCE STAPLES is proving that 2015 is another 1993 .....hopefully you get what I mean... if not... 1993 is consider the best year in hip hop/Rap. NORF NORF, off of Vincent's debut album, SUMMERTIME 06, goes go harder than concrete. The progression in his music is amazing to's the epitome of a west coast sound. Rolling in a cheap whip through the ville blasting this, got that wilderness feel. Almost psychedelic in the beat. The delivery of Vince is forgiving yet aggressive, like a stoned gangster who's too high to give a f*ck about doing something, yet still apt to do it. This track has so much feel. Nice.
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KENDRICK LAMAR – “Alright” (Music Video) ! #Epic via @lisafordblog

This video for KENDRICK LAMAR's iconic "Alright" is beautifully directed. Cut scenes, transitions, it's theme, etc, etc, everything is on point. I haven't been this impressed with DIRECTING and PRODUCTION in a while...or with the lyricism Kendrick presents in this song. Every few years we get a rapper who is a mouth piece for the injustices faced by minorities in America. Tupac was once a mouthpiece, Nas, and lucky for us we are alive to witness a voice bold enough to do the same. Its not always about the money. Kendrick's ideology and his ability to be incredibly provocative to a generation and still remain famous is quite impressive. Kendrick carries slightly more positivity than Pac, but their ideas for the black community and hip hop as a unit are identical "Alright" is my favorite off of his "To Pimp A Butterfly" album because it is politically charged and gets at the root of why Hip Hop was lead a generation farther than they think they could go.

JAY ROCK – “Money Trees Deuce” A sequel to Kendrick Lamar’s (Audio) via @lisafordblog

"Of the many highlights off Kendrick Lamar’s debut studio album good kid, m.A.A.d city, he and Jay Rock’s cut “Money Trees” gave us one of the best hooks of 2012 (forever thankful for “It go Halle Berry, or hallelujah”). Also, Rock’s charged verse contrasted with the lower-key energy of his TDE label mate. If “Money Trees Deuce” is any indication, maybe currency-bearing forestation is the corner Jay Rock will rep from now until forever. “Deuce” has a more melancholic feel to it, not that the first iteration on gkmc was all good times. Though the sequel is sans Kendrick, Rock is more than capable of steadying “Deuce” on his own." Time Magazine / Entertainment Weekly
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MEEK MILL – “Ooh Kill Em” (Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPOD Pick!

MEEK MILL's "Ooh Kill Em" was the only Kdot diss record that was any good (out of several), and it captured the "playing the dozens" element deeply rooted on Hip Hop elegantly. Meek Mill remixed Terio's "Ooh Kill Em" with a Dr. Dre beat, as a platform to respond to Kendrick Lamar's "I'm the King of NY" diss line in his infamous "Control" battle rap song where Lamar called out major rappers by name, giving them a warning that he was taking over as rap king. East Coast rapper, Meek Mill, wasn't having that, so he responded with an epic and hardcore WEST COAST track laced with a gangster ass 'Nate Dogg' chorus and pimp flow. Modern diss tracks don't get any bolder than this unless you want to take it back to the old-school days with the diss records that NWA and Tupac wrote. Great job Meek Mill for creatively venturing over to Kendrick's own west coast roots to to battle him. "Ooh Kill Em" is an older cut, but I still bump it in my iPod everyday.
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KENDRICK LAMAR ft. Gunplay – “Cartoon & Cereal” (Fan Music Video) @LisaFordBlog ‘s IPOD Pick!

What do I like about KENDRICK LAMAR's "Cartoons & Cereal"? ... Everything! Watch this this fan video I'm posting. It's simply incredible and wildly creative. The subtle touches like Tupac on the news screen etc, just brilliant. And this song is different from the majority of rap that's currently out. You feel the up & down struggle in the lyrics and in the harmony in the music. Signature Kendrick Lamar. There's no debating that this man is a genius. Lamar is taking Hip Hop to new heights.
Music Video

J. COLE – “Wet Dreamz” (Music Video) via @lisafordblog

J. Cole returns with yet another visual from his album ’2014 Forest Hills Drive’. This time he shoots one for the self produced track ‘Wet Dreamz’. J Cole gets really creative in this video and brings you something that you definitely don't expect. I expected a soft porno but this is so much better.

KENDRICK LAMAR’s New Album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ (Album Stream) !!

Kendrick Lamar has one of the sickest albums ever in #HipHop #ToPimpAButterfly. Hypetrak write, "Looks like Kendrick Lamar's sophomore album "To Pimp A Butterfly" has been released on iTunes and Spotify way earlier than its anticipated March 23 date. The reasons of the early release are not currently clear, but TDE honcho Anthony Tiffith seems to be unhappy about it and took to Twitter to blame Interscope for the apparent mess-up. The album features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, Ronald Isley, Rapsody, Thundercat, James Fauntleroy, Bilal, and Anna Wise. "
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