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My entire life has been guided by the culture of HIP HOP. I'm admittedly a 90's Hip Hop geek obsessed with all facets of the artform from the bass-infused drum patterns to the hardcore storytelling, lyricism and poetry. SO much so that I've have dedicated my life to the empowerment of Independent Artists of all genres in South Florida by developing a weekly showcase titled the HIP HOP ORGY. I've been an Entertainment Reporter for over 15 years interviewing many legends in the industry including TUPAC when I was just a teen and ICE CUBE during his first movie filming for the the flick "Trespass". Over the years, I've gathered numerous A-List celebrity connections and used these relationships to promote world famous Hip Hop parties all around the nation. Now I've honed in on the careers Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County residential musicians with hopes to lend my hand in getting artists signed. With so many accomplishments, I could brag all day long but I won't. I don't have to boast because one word from the God of Hip Hop, DJ KOOL HERC, made my entire year. Underneath a simple Hip Hop party flyer on my personal Instagram account (@lisafordblog everywhere), ONE WORD summed up my entire career and I basically can retire right now (but I won't). DJ KOOL HERC, the Father of Hip Hop, the founder of a global culture, told me that what I was doing with the @HipHopOrgy was "KOOL ;)".

Filmmaker, MONEY Q GREEN Interviews LISA FORD, the Queen Of Miami! (VIDEO) via @HipHopOrgy

MONEY Q GREEN, radio show host, Director, and Filmmaker, is world famous for capturing major entertainers on film and video for 20 plus years. In this impromptu interview with Entertainment Journalist and Events Queen, LISA FORD, you'll see a rare moment of what goes on behind the scenes of promoting major events in Miami and around the country, the relationships that LISA FORD & MONEY Q GREEN has established with some of Music's biggest names, and Lisa's current project... the HIP HOP event going down every SATURDAY in South Florida (with the hardest working DJ in miami...DJ EPPS) that honors and displays authentic Hip Hop music for die-hard Hip Hop Heads.
Real Estate

LISA FORD – Realtor To The Stars!! (Personal Announcement) – VIDEO

PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I have decided to spend 100% of my time focused on public real estate sales and marketing with Skyline Realty International. Call or write me if you have been thinking of buying or renting a home, looking for investments, or want to rent or sell an existing property. I specialize in both residential and commercial properties and I'm fully capable of handling all sides of the transaction. I have been trained by some of the top leading real estate professionals, and I am now dedicating my time and attention to assist the public and most importantly you, with all of your real estate needs.

Miami’s Hidden GRAFFITI PARADISE!! Lisa Ford’s Secret (PHOTOS). #Repost

We’re starting off the New Year at one of my favorite places on planet Earth and my secret hideaway. It’s a magical place, similar to the fictional land of Oz, with vivid imagery and colors. Every inch of the walls at the abandoned Swim Gym Aquatic Sports Park in Key Biscayne (Miami) is covered with psychedelic street art that will blow your mind. There’s a fence that closes off the park stating, “NO TRESPASSING. This area is a designated construction site. Anyone who trespasses on this property, commits a FELONY…Posted by the City of Miami.” So these photos may be the last pics anyone sees.

LISA FORD – “Time Lapsed” – A Video & Pics of My Neighborhood. (SOUTH BEACH)

TIME LAPSED - by Lisa Ford Totally unplanned, and against my will, I took an impromptu vacation, the first in about four years. After many months of running a hundred miles a minute, my body gave way and forced me to slow down. I silenced myself, refraining from blogging and social media to gain perspective. And today, I feel much better. Now before you ask, “Where were you, Lisa? I know you were at the best parties. I know you were hanging with all the celebrities getting twisted off the alcohol and all that!!” Naw, not this time... In reality, I didn’t have to go ANYWHERE to have a good time. When you see these pics and the time lapse video of my neighborhood, you’ll know why. I’m going get a little personal on the blog this time, and bring you into my world. I’ve decided to show you where I’ve been the past couple of weeks…home.

FANTASIA ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliot – “Without Me” (New Music) – Lisa Ford’s Top IPOD Pick

Girl power at its finest, Fantasia's, sizzling hot new single, "Without Me", is at the top of my list. Bottom line, this sh*t goes hard! How genius was it to allow the reigning female rap champion, Missy Elliot to lace this sexy/funky track. Missy's lyrics are as sick as ever and Kelly Rowland's silky soulful voice is the perfect compliment to Fantasia's perfect pitch. "Without Me" is off Fantasia's 4th album "Side Effects of You", available now.

Music Kept A Bullet From His Head! – “The Pianist” VIDEO (So not Hip Hop, but Happy Birthday Lisa Ford!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! As I grow a year older, I ponder on what I can do to make a difference in this world. I hope that this blog, which, as a writer, has been a dream of mine all of my life, serves as a muse that inspire others to pursue their dreams and never give up. I resolve to make this site even better in 2013 by having the courage to open up more and truly express myself & my love for music without boundaries. At midnight, I brought in my ‘born day’ in a special way… by plopping on the couch and watching the only movie on cable worth watching at the time, ‘The Pianist’. The film (based on a true story) is about Polish-Jewish musician, Władysław Szpilmant, who escapes the jaws of death on numerous occasions at the hands of German soldiers. I included my favorite clip in this blog post, the horrific moment when he actually IS CAPTURED. This post is unique as this blog usually focuses on hip hop and modern music. But as you know, a lot of music we listen to today stems from the classics. During this part of the film, one assumes that the German solider seen is going to put a bullet in 'The Pianist' head. But Music itself, saves the musician as the soldier first instructs the pianist to play a song.
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