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Drake Plays Steph Curry in ‘Get Out’ Parody (VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

In the spirit of the first annual NBA Awards show on Monday night in Basketball City at Pier 36 in New York, a 'Get Out' parody featuring DRAKE as Steph Curry was dropped to promote the highly anticipated event. SBnation writes, "While awards had been previously released at the end of the season, this is the first time it’s happening in an award show setting. The NBA will be handing out awards for MVP, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, Most Improved Player, and Defensive Player of the Year, plus much more."


DONALD STERLING is gung-ho about NOT selling the L.A. CLIPPERS in wake of his racist remarks scandal, but that's not stopping superstars like Magic Johnson from throwing a towel in the ring, hoping for a bid to purchase the NBA team. And much to our surprise, Hip Hop Legend, Mega Producer, and BEATS creator, DR. DRE, also wants a piece of the action. Dr. Dre and the Clippers are certainly a match made in heaven seeming that Dr. Dre is a true American success story who was bred in L.A. If the team were his, would he change the name to the L.A. Chronics? Lol That would be dope...literally!~!

L.A. CLIPPERS Owner, DONALD STERLING Explains His Racist View & Says Racism Will Last Forever (Full Audio)

As I listen to the audio of Clippers owner, DONALD STERLING, explain is negative views towards black people, I'm wondering how a man of his stature and wealth, can be so primal in his logic and thinking. Sterling says, and I'm paraphrasing here, that In Israel, black people are inferior for a reason unknown to him and he's obligated to follow his culture's beliefs and support their harsh treatment of Black Jews. Sterling requested that his mistress, VANESSA STIVIANO, remove all of her photos of black people from her Instagram, including MAGIC JOHNSON, but she could keep MATT KEMP because he is "mixed race". I can not believe that I'm even reporting on a story like this in the 21st century. But according to Sterling, we should be thanking him, because he "feeds & clothes" these NBA dafuq!! He speaks like a Slavemaster.

KEYSHIA COLE Goes Hard On – “Loyal (Freestyle)” NEW MUSIC!

Do we have a new anthem for the ladies?? I think so! Once again, our favorite all-time songstress, KEYSHIA COLE delivers with a new spin and freestyle on Chris Brown's hit, "LOYAL"! Keyshia is busting back out on the music scene and with good reason. It appears that her and estranged NBA husband, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson are on their way to divorce court after Keyshia has allegedly filed papers in Los Angeles. Now she is focusing on her new album with her manager Manny Halley, and by the sound of her passionate vocals on 'Loyal", I'm sure her next project will be incredible.

Leave A Message For LEBRON JAMES! Dr. Dre, Drake, Bill Russell, Spike Lee Did! NEW NIKE AD! (VIDEO)

The MIAMI HEAT win two NBA World Championship Titles in a row!! Congratulations!! The entire team pulled together to clutch this series, and we couldn't be more proud. Once again, Lebron James was named the 2013 NBA Finals MVP! He was nothing short of a beast out on that court. Dr. Dre, Drake, Bill Russel, Spike Lee, and more left Lebron messages on an old-fashioned answering machine, complete with the "beep" and all. LOL! And you can too by calling (305) 767-2226.

The Miami Heat’s Birdman meets Baby Birdman!! (PHOTOS) Did they tattoo a baby??

LOL! Nope, they didn't tattoo the baby, but Baby Birdman's parents haD a shirt custom-made with the graphics of Chris Anderson's tattoos. Talk about die-hard Miami Heat fans!! This sentiment shows how important our NBA team is to the city of Miami AND South Florida as a whole. Baby Birdman met Grown-Up Birdman as the Miami Heat prepared for Game 2 if the Championship Finals. Good luck to the Heat as they try to hold on as the reigning champions.

MIAMI HEAT PARADE 2012!! (Photos) On The Streets & Behind The Scenes!

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, kept their promise to Miami when the Miami Heat hand-delivered the fans, the 2012 NBA Championship. The whole city is in great spirits now that the team is world champions. Tens of thousands of people lined up today on the streets of downtown Miami to cheer and celebrate the Heat's victory. "I appreciate all our fans for sticking with us," said the now two-time NBA champion Wade, who cradled the trophy in his arms most of the ride, adding, "Best fans in the world." (cbsnews) Check out the photos of the celebration. A ton of people all happy at the same damn time!
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