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Classic Hip HopThrowback Thursday

ICE BERG’s “Vice Versa Freestyle” -Remix of the PASTOR TROY Hit (Download) #TBT via @lisafordblog

ICE BERG paid homage to PASTOR TROY's iconic, "Vice Versa" with a nasty flow worthy enough to be mentioned on this blog for Throwback Thursdays. You have to have balls of steal to even attempt to freestyle on one of Hip Hop's hardest tracks and Ice Berg pulled it off with grace. Pastor Troy released "Vice Versa" in 2002 on his 'Universal Soldier' album. Ice Berg released "Vice Versa Freestyle" in 2012 on his 'Strictly 4 The Streets 3' mixtape.
Classic Hip Hop

PASTOR TROY – “Just To Fight” (Music Video) LISA FORD’S Ipod Pick!! #Throwback

Talk about a club banger?? PASTOR TROY'S, 'Just to Fight' is all that and more! Ironically, due to its inciting lyrics, this song was banned in a lot of clubs throughout the South, especially in places like in Alabama. But in Atlanta at a club called 'Eastside Bounce' on Columbia Drive, and in a neighborhood called Orange Mound in Memphis, TN, it grew in popularity and became a worldwide hit. 'Just To Fight' is featured on the 'Jermaine Dupri Presents... Young, Fly & Flashy Vol. 1' album and is undoubtedly Pastor Troy's masterpiece. I continue to listen to year after year after year because it has a timeless energy and a hardcore beat. 'Just To Fight' gets me motivated to face any and everything!
Classic Hip HopMusic

PASTOR TROY – “Vice Versa” MUSIC VIDEO (Lisa Ford’s Throwback IPOD Pick)

When I think of ‘chuuuch’ music, the hit rap record ‘Vice Versa’ off of Pastor Troy’s ‘Face Off’ album (2001) is one I can say ‘Amen’ to! Do ya’ll hear those unyielding church bells in the background? This is real ‘Chuuch’ music. The overall sound is hardcore, not watered down. Pastor Troy conveys a deep message suggesting, or better yet, posing the question, ‘What if our belief systems are wrong, and things are really VICE VERSA?’ This concept in a rap song is extremely heartfelt. Whether you like Pastor Troy or not, this sh*t went hard!! No aututones, just hard core hip hop. I thought about Pastor Troy while sitting at my desk waiting for Tropical Storm Issac to pass us by (here in Miami). This post is just my way of saying that I crave music that’s a little hardcore. Not every rapper can be a gangster, or rap about a hard life, but at least they can make sure their music goes hard. Some of it is for entertainment purposes, I know. But this one here went deep.

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