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    Click the link below to read the contract with Black America delivered by rapper, actor, entrepreneur, film producer, and legend ICE CUBE. This Contract With Black America was designed to start the hard conversations. It was made to be perfected and debated. Add comments and suggestions so we can create a better contract with America that will help create a better and more perfect Union. https://t.co/3VXjGSH6Uc — Ice Cube (@icecube) July 1, 2020 Lisa Ford’s crime novella, South Beach Suicide, on sale now at Amazon.…

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    QUEEN & SLIM (Official Trailer 2) – Watch It Now!

    Through the title characters, (who are actually unnamed until the last moments of the film) Lena Waithe manages to illuminate the complexities and vastness of the Black experience, while zeroing in on two very specific people. Jodie Turner-Smith is mesmerizing as a buttoned-up, high achieving defense attorney who’s led by an intense desire for justice. Daniel Kaluuya is flawless as Slim. He is more easy-going, and doesn’t expect too much from anyone. He relishes the simple things in life like faith and family and accepts the way things are without much…

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    HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH x Angela Davis & Watch @Becauseofthem #BlackHistoryMonth Video! ❤️ cc @CNN via @lisafordblog

    Happy Black History Month! The photo you see is of Angela Davis when Swedish TV journalists talked to the Black Panther activist in a 1972 jail interview — she was charged with but not convicted of murder — in footage that's part of The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (and I'll elaborate on this in a moment). My sister was named after Angela Davis, "Angela Yvonne", so this is why I chose to shine a little light on Davis, in addition to the dope video by...,…

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    JOYNER LUCAS – “I’m Not Racist” (VIDEO) *Warning* Not For the Faint-Hearted via @lisafordblog

    JOYNER LUCAS just released some real music that is going to give a lot of people cognitive dissonance and hopefully give different people a wider view on the subject which can help to get a better understanding of different opinions. No matter how you interpret JOYNER LUCAS’ very provocative “I’m Not Racist” music video, perspective is an evident topic and this song serves as a catalyst for continuing dialogue on race relations in the U.S. When I clicked on the video from Twitter, I initially…

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    Body Camera Video of the Chicago Police Killing Paul O’Neal #BlackLivesMatter

    CHICAGO (CBS) — A community activist who was allowed to see videos from the fatal police shooting of Paul O’Neal before they were made public claimed they show an officer stomping the teen’s lifeless body after he was shot in the back. Jedidiah Brown said he also heard police telling other officers to turn off their body cameras. “I saw a police officer approach a lifeless O’Neal, face down to the ground, with three or four other officers over his body, screaming at him to…

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    DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING’s Face Will Be Carved On Stone Mountain! (VIDEO) via @lisafordblog

    "DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A new push by a columnist at The Atlanta Journal Constitution will likely change the face of Stone Mountain. AJC political columnist Jim Galloway says there's a lack of material at Stone Mountain Park that speaks to its neighbors, who are primarily African-American. On Stone Mountain, there are carvings of Confederate war heroes and a Confederate flag that flies next to an American flag."

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    WATCH: Raw Video of Unarmed #WalterScott Murdered By Cop #BlackLivesMatter via @lisafordblog

    Raise your hand if you're surprised that another unarmed black man was murdered by police. And without this video, the police officer would have gotten away with it this time. The raw footage shot by a bystander shows North Charleston, SC Police Officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott multiple times in the back as he runs away to death. The officer initially stated that he feared for his life, but clearly that wasn't the case. From what I see, this is cold-blooded murder and Officer…

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    LAURYN HILL – “Black Rage (Sketch)” … Self-released MUSIC via @lisafordblog

    I was reading Pitchfork.com looking for underground music that I haven't heard yet and I stumble upon a prolific article about the legendary LAURYN HILL and her stance of oppression in America. Of course, I have to post conscious rapper, Lauryn Hill, on the blog because she is female MC that I look up to, one who teaches me and makes me think, one who never needed to show her bare ass in her music videos, because her lyrics and poeticism spoke and still speaks…

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    TALIB KWELI Argues w/ CNN’S Don Lemon During #Ferguson Interview! (VIDEO) In Case you Missed It! via @lisafordblog

    TALIB KWELI delivered one of the most powerful interviews I've seen in the news recently. He stood up to CNN and its anchor, Don Lemon, who appears disconnected with what's really going on on the ground in Ferguson, with his attempt to debunk Kweli's eyewitness account. Kweli schooled them on what he thought was bad media coverage. The death of unarmed teen, Mike Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, has brought race relations in America back to the forefront in the media and social media alike. In…

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