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BMW Sells Sex! The Most Honest Ad Ever! [Throwback]

Check out the photo in this blog post of the beautiful young model alongside the caption that reads, “You know you’re not the first. But do you really care?” (a print ad for BMW used cars). I was in shock when BMW initially ran this ad in Greece a few years back. I thought was bold, daring, and erotic. But the advertisement received a lot of criticism as it 'depicted women as sex objects' and made the sexual connotation that a young girl (aka, the 'used' BMW) has had sex at least once. Clearly the ad was directed at getting the attention of men, which some say, alienated potential female consumers. But was it effective? ... I say 'Yes' because it was provocative enough to get everybody talking about it. It certainly made me recognize it and I remember this ad til this very day.

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