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The 11 Best/Worst Vagina Tattoos Of All Time [Photos]

For the record, I find none of these to be cute. These women are CRAZY! LOL

(Story by buzzfeed)

    • 11. This Demon Monster

      11. This Demon MonsterProtip: It is rarely a good idea to make your vagina look like a demon monster! Demon monsters are the universal symbol for “Do not touch me! I am a demon monster.”


    • 10. Vagina Butterfly

      10. Vagina ButterflyButterflies are pretty. Vaginas are pretty. But somehow the combo doesn’t quite work? I dunno. Kind of losing focus here already. What is this post about?


    • 9. Cat With A Bowtie Vagina

      9. Cat With A Bowtie VaginaActually, no. I’m fine with this. Look! It’s a cat with a bowtie! You are not wearing any underpants.


    • 8. This Demon Monster Vagina

      8. This Demon Monster VaginaAh, so demon monster vaginas are a thing. Everybody’s got one! This one is scarier than the last.


    • 7. This Homer Simpson Vagina

      7. This Homer Simpson VaginaHomey is looking at your toes!


    • 6. Hippie Vagina Dude

      6. Hippie Vagina DudeShave your beard, Hippie Vagina Dude! Don’t shave your beard.


    • 5. The Anatomically Correct Vagina Tattoo

      5. The Anatomically Correct Vagina TattooEven more anatomically correct than usual!


    • 4. The Fish

      4. The FishI think it’s a trout?


    • 3. The Girl

      3. The GirlOne of those ideas that was maybe better as a concept? Or just no. Not a good idea.


    • 2. The Mario Pipe

      2. The Mario PipeSure. Why the hell not?


  • 1. This Homer Simpson Vagina

    1. This Homer Simpson Vagina

A true classic. Homer is in such a good mood!




        1. The final Homer tat I know for a fact is fake. I’ve seen the exact same pussy pic with a monkey tat shopped over it. Besides, you can tell it’s photoshop just from the quality, and texture.

      1. ive seen alot of people say that the lil girl is disturbing, and while i agree its total pedoness, lets say that the first demon monster almost made me wet my pants. im scared

  1. Anyone who would want to have sex with the chick with a tat of a child on there vagina is a perv. No doubt about it

  2. A latent pedophile will love the tattoo with the little girl… extremely well drawn, but what a shitty idea! D:

  3. Yes the little girl is disturbing, but doesn’t it bother anyone one that having sex with the woman with the homer tattoo means you will look down and see homer with your dick in his mouth? Just saying.

  4. The one with the kid on her thing…I wwonder how many guys went to bed with her and said, “Ah, heeeeeyal nah! Bitch, get outta here! You fuckin sick!”

  5. Basically I think u have got to be sick n twisted to even think of having a twattoo like that, and even sicker if your the man who wants to put their penis anywhere near it. Why??????

  6. I am not too crazy about these but the thought of my pussy being tattooed is awesome. Any suggestions of what you men would like on a woman..

    1. You should tattoo your face on your vagina, with you lips being.. well… your lips. That way a guy can fuck your pussy and your mouth at the same time.

  7. I’d say that 95% of these are photoshop. And it’s not up to a man to tell a woman what she can do with HER body. She does it for herself, not for every man that catcalls her on the street.

    1. Since there are only eleven of them, it’s statistically impossible to make a statement about 95% of them.

  8. Don’t think the child one is real. Seems like an art piece, Even as an adult childhood trauma effects your sex life. That’s what I get from it. I also think the butterfly is pretty cute haha.

  9. I want to fuck Homer in the mouth?
    this girl wants a girls mouth on her box – to tongue fuck Homer in the mouth

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  11. I think the one of the baby is as disgusting as it gets .I would defanly throw her out the be. .I couldn’t fu k her with the lights o.

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