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The 11 Best/Worst Vagina Tattoos Of All Time [Photos]

For the record, I find none of these to be cute. These women are CRAZY! LOL

(Story by buzzfeed)

    • 11. This Demon Monster

      11. This Demon MonsterProtip: It is rarely a good idea to make your vagina look like a demon monster! It certainly won’t improve a career on hdsexvideo. Demon monsters are the universal symbol for “Do not touch me! I am a demon monster.”

    • 10. Vagina Butterfly

      10. Vagina ButterflyButterflies are pretty. Vaginas are pretty. But somehow the combo doesn’t quite work? I dunno. Kind of losing focus here already. What is this post about?

    • 9. Cat With A Bowtie Vagina

      9. Cat With A Bowtie VaginaActually, no. I’m fine with this. Look! It’s a cat with a bowtie! You are not wearing any underpants. Have I mistakenly opened a link to Oh well, lets continue.

    • 8. This Demon Monster Vagina

      8. This Demon Monster VaginaAh, so demon monster vaginas are a thing. Everybody’s got one! This one is scarier than the last.

    • 7. This Homer Simpson Vagina

      7. This Homer Simpson VaginaHomey is looking at your toes!

    • 6. Hippie Vagina Dude

      6. Hippie Vagina DudeShave your beard, Hippie Vagina Dude! Don’t shave your beard.

    • 5. The Anatomically Correct Vagina Tattoo

      5. The Anatomically Correct Vagina TattooEven more anatomically correct than usual!

    • 4. The Fish

      4. The FishI think it’s a trout?

    • 3. The Girl

      3. The GirlOne of those ideas that was maybe better as a concept? Or just no. Not a good idea.

    • 2. The Mario Pipe

      2. The Mario PipeSure. Why the hell not?

  • 1. This Homer Simpson Vagina

    1. This Homer Simpson Vagina

A true classic. Homer is in such a good mood!



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