THE WEEKND – “ROLLING STONE” (The sickest R&B song out)

I’ve listened to @theweekndxo ‘s “Rolling Stone” a thousand times before posting it. Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick!

The Weeknd is a Toronto-based R&B singer named Abel Tesfaye. Songs recorded under The Weeknd name first leaked in late 2010, though the identity of the individual behind the project was initially unknown. The Weeknd released a nine-song album, “House of Balloons”, on 21 March 2011. The album is a part of a trilogy which includes Thursday and Echoes of Silence, to be released in the summer and autumn respectively (source wikipedia &

The Weeknd’s debut album “House Of Balloons” also dubbed numerous times “THE ALBUM to make love to“.


Download THURsDAY the album by The Weeknd at

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