Who is KANYE WEST having sex with in this Pic? [PHOTO]


Someone sent me a link of this photo from who states that they will reveal the identity of the woman Kanye is banging from behind soon. What’s interesting about this pic (besides the obvious) is that most of the commentors on the MTO site automatically assume that it’s Kim Kardashian (I feel weird discussing rumors on my site)…But it was just yesterday that I posted the Khloe Kardashian interview in which she states on Shade 45 that Kim & Kanye never had a sexual affair…At the end of the day, who really cares? Right? Nobody, yet, Khloe & the Kardashian KlanĀ are coming out with more reality shows, filling peoples’ heads with more gossip and rumors.

So why did I post this pic? Am I feeding into it as well? … I posted this pic to show how bitchy guys can be by taking pics of themselves banging people. The whole kiss & tell syndrome. Ladies, tell these fools to just focus on the task at hand and stop pulling out cameras while sexing!!! LOL


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