Why Being Black is Wack!! In Music Videos!

WTF! Why Being Black is Wack!! In Music Videos!

And Video Vixens whose skin is Light get the Greenlight!!


AverageBro.com posed to me this Question:Do video vixens really set standards for Black beauty, or is this influence completely overrated?

[Source: AverageBro.com ]

I say Yes! It is definitely a Privilege being light-skinned period! Especially in the entertainment industry. Rick Ross weighed in, Cassidy weighed in with his wack-ass answer. The only comment I appreciated in this video was Pusha’s from the Clipse. He demonstrated that he doesn’t discriminate against his own race.The other artists in the video are actually justifying it!! There is no excuse for black on black racism. And that’s what this is in my opinion.We in the urban community are notorious for not solving our own problems (you know, the ones we blame on everybody else) Bottom line…this sh#t needs to change! Period!


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