YELAWOLF Album Listening Party in Manhattan {Video Footage}


Yelawolf holds a listening party for his album “Radioactive” in midtown Manhattan. Later on he performs a cut from “Trunk Muzik 0-60”. I think YelaWolf has one of the dopest rap names to say the least.

Alabama especially figur[es] into the career of catfish rapper Yelawolf, an undeniable force whose quick diction and mudflap haircut are going to worm their way into the hearts of many, many different types of people. As you may know, rap is the new pop (by new, we mean the last 20 years minimum), and that’s basically the time folks like Yelawolf have grown up, this self-proclaimed redneck running through his tracks with a predilection for gross glamor, Chevys and Xanax. We didn’t fish him up from the bottom of the swamp, he came up for air himself, but he knows where he’s from. That’s why we went there. – FADER Magazine



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