POE BOY MUSIC GROUP Presents Miami’s YT TRIZ – “You Know” (Official Video)

POE BOY MUSIC GROUP continues to sprout Miami artists left and right keeping celebrated underground rappers in the forefront of the music industry. Case in point…the young and talented rapper, YT TRIZ. His new single, “You Know”, is laced with a hardcore bass line and an undeniable energy, allowing YT TRIZ to leave his stamp on the Miami scene, which is now watched a lot closer by the rest of the Hip Hop world. He offers a solid delivery with charm and depth, leaving us anticipating what’s to come next. And the video combines an array of visuals throughout the city of Miami for a very real authentic flavor. Check it out…


Tyler Perry’s “Single Mom’s Club” Starring NIA LONG (Movie Trailer)

“SINGLE MOM’S CLUB, which opens in May 2014, follows single mothers with varied backgrounds and experiences who cross paths after an incident at their childrens’ school. The mothers create a support group where they help each other through the challenges of motherhood as single women. Long will star as ‘Lydia,’ McLendon-Covey will play ‘Jan’ and Henao’s character is named ‘Esperanza.’ William Levy and Tyler Perry are playing the male lead roles.”


BEYONCE’s “Drunk In Love” vs. Keaira LaShae’s “Drunk Love” .. A Copy Cat? You Be The Judge (VIDEOS)

Musicians garner inspiration from all over, including the places they’ve been, paintings & portraits they’ve seen, and sometimes from sounds & songs performed by other musicians. When I first heard Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”, it seemed as if I heard it somewhere before. I was immediately drawn to the ballad with the haunting vocals and twisted bass line. Then it hit me…

It appeared that Beyonce’s inspiration for “Drunk In Love” could have came from this similar song by Keaira LaShae titled, “Drunk Love”. Watch both videos and you be the judge.


What Would You Do? Watch People’s Reaction To A Black Woman Insulting An Interracial Couple (VIDEO)

I’m chillin’ on a Sunday evening, surfing the net, and I came across this video. I was really moved…

EliteDaily writes, “ABC News performed a little experiment at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop for the hidden camera show “What Would You Do.” Utilizing three actors, the experiment was meant to show how average bystanders react to racism and verbal prejudice.

Two of the actors are portrayed in a relationship with the man being black and the woman white. As the white woman enters the barber shop, the third actor, Rachael, a black woman, immediately begins insulting her with outwardly racist comments.

After watching the video, it will be hard to deny that the results were more than inspiring. While some kept silent, there were three people in particular that spoke out against Rachael’s actions in their own way.”


DRAKE vs. KENDRICK LAMAR – Rap Battle (Animated Cartoon) Hilarious!

This is what the world has been waiting for!! Drake Vs Kendrick Lamar Battle Rap On KOTD’s Battle League. This is so hilarious yet realisitic as f*ck! You’ll see other characters in the background such as Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Bow Wow, and Khaled on Drake’s side. And in King Kendrick’s corner, you’ll notice ASAP Rocky, The Game, Tyler The Creator, and even J. Cole standing behind the announcer.

This is an excellent presentation with the animated Drake sounding better than the real Drake. The verses Kendrick drops sound like exactly like lyrics he would say. This video makes you hunger for a REAL BATTLE now. Watch…


THE PHARCYDE’s – “Runnin” (Prod. By J Dilla) Has Latin Roots. LISA FORD’S Ipod Pick

“RUNNIN’ by THE PHARCYDE with J. DILLA’s masterful production, frees my mind and takes me to a happy place. From the chorus to Slim Kid Tre’s harmonic lyrical freestyle in the middle of the song, you can literally get high off this hit without drinking or smoking anything. “RUNNIN” is the first single from The Pharcyde’s second album “Labcabincalifornia” in 1995. I wish this song was an hour long so I could just mellow out to it forever on repeat.