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    Andre 3000 Goes Full Alien with New Blue Sun (Album Review)

    Before we get into the article, please click Here or the picture above to subscribe to our orbit! The influence of ATLien’s André 3000 stretches far beyond the confines of traditional music genres because he is a visionary force who leads the charge in sound evolution. His fearless approach to music has not only inspired a generation of artists but has also redefined what is possible in the realm of Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, and Rock. Esteemed musicians and critics alike have hailed his work…

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    New Blog Design – Get Featured on the Site

    LisaFordBlog.com covers interviews on musicians of great influence, celebrities, and people of important standing in society. The blog also reviews music and film, covers the art and grafitti art scene, and life in Miami, Florida. The blog’s online magazine component, Hip Hop Orgy Magazine, provides a digital magazine subscription version of the blog to its readers. To be featured on the site and the magazine, email LISA FORD at [email protected] with your EPK or details of your project or business. Stay tuned on how to subscribe…

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    ARTIST_LR Is When Epic Meets Dope. (Interview) via @lisafordblog #MusicMonday

    ARTIST_LR reaches out to the consciousness of rap music lovers with unapologetic politicism and romanticism. His music is definitely not an on-the-surface, bland-sounding experiment. It contains messages about surviving in the face of hardship and the battling against societal underestimation. ARTIST_LR digs deep with blunted-swing sophistication through raw lyricism accompanied by harmonic beats that will haunt your brain cells. His upcoming project is an intimidating epic anchored with brutal honesty and sophistication.

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    Is KAIJU THE UNCONQUERABLE The Greatest Rapper Alive? (Interview x VIDEO) via @Lisafordblog

    KAIJU THE UNCONQUERABLE is a creative genius who one can say is well ahead of his time. Although futuristic, with alien-like tendencies, his music unearths the past and tends the roots of elemental 90’s Hip Hop reinvigorating the genre completely in a new era. KAIJU THE UNCONQUERABLE is that Artist who breaks new ground with a refutation of polished sheen and maximal perfection. Creating a sound that is difficult to reproduce, KTU possesses his own DNA pattern on Hip Hop with the most complete concept…

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    CHRIS RICH Presents “Lord Knows” & “Determination” #InstantClassics via @lisafordblog

    North Carolina native and lyricist CHRIS RICH is building a notable career as an intense rapper working with a multitude of producers with beats that find new and interesting ways to wreak havoc. Hailing from Washington D.C., CHRIS RICH is one of rap’s most impressive poets who has entered the mainstream with such releases as, “Lord Knows”, and “Determination”. He understands the art form conceptually like no other, and his continued output demonstrates an addiction to rap.

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    SIRIUS BLAC – The Power of A Dreamer #MusicReview via @lisafordblog

    I had the esteemed opportunity to speak to one of South Florida's dopest independent artists on the rise...SIRIUS BLAC...to get a statement regarding his new found success in the uprising independent music market that has taken metro Miami by a storm. Sirius hasn't had much spare time as he tours around Florida performing and spending countless hours in the studio working on his next much-anticipated project. He's one of the hardest working men in show business spreading positive vibes to everyone that has the pleasure…

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    VIGALANTY: From MIAMI to the Top of the Charts

    As the line between independent and mainstream music continues to blur with the coming of each new generation, Hip Hop purists with underground loyalty keep searching for the next rapper to surface with an allegiance to the realness. Enter VIGALANTY, a talented, dynamic, influential independent artist and lyricist from Miami, Florida, with serious mic skills, a mature ear, and new-school sensibility. VIGALANTY's story is not one of the average American rapper. Unlike most new rap stars, he is humbled, composed, mature, and palpably aware of…

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    CHOZEN – “Forever Live On” (Music Video) via @lisafordblog

    "I grew up not knowing my father and only had my momma to lean on. I learned how to become Independent as an adolescent, however, I turned to the streets which only made me harder until I got sentenced to 7 years in Florida State Prison. Inside, I started writing songs about everything that was going on in my life. I was going through some thangs so I made a change to better my life. I took all of the experiences in my life and…

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    SINCERE – “Dotted Line” New Mixtape!! {Music Review}

    It's a relief, to hear the energized flows of West Philly rapper, Sincere aka S.I.N, on his new and electrically charged mixtape, "DOTTED LINE" ... highly anticipated after the release of his first project, ‘Boarding Pass’. SINCERE does an incredible job of honoring Hip Hop in "DOTTED LINE" with a hardcore collection of hits that include remnants of old-school chords connected to futuristic sounds. It’s even more gratifying to find S.I.N. paying homage to different eras and multiple genres of music on his new mixtape,…

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    Welcome to the start of a legacy. For sixteen years, the music industry has wondered which MC the legendary Tupac would pass the torch to. After much anticipation, it is official - Warchyld signs a deal with the Makaveli Music Group, becoming a lightning rod for the reinvention of real Hip Hop. His music and mixtapes went viral all over the internet, music magazines, blogs, YouTube, and multiple films and television shows. “Then I asked myself,” Warchyld said, "What would Pac want? I felt like…