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Warchyld marches off the battlefield of the streets into a bigger arena with this new and powerful label deal. He states, “I have been through it all!! Seen it all from the streets to the industry! And I am thankful for those experiences. They’ve help me develop myself as an artist and a business man, even though the road to this point was turmoil. But this is just the beginning. The grind now turns up even more for me and the label. I think this one of the most powerful mergers of all times! With a great artist and the brilliant and powerful Makaveli Music Group, the possibilities are truly endless!”

The hallmarks of legacy and his new family at Makaveli Music Group are imprinted all over his much anticipated up & coming projects, with a focus on Hip Hop generations past and future, and an aim at the top spot. “All is with love and respect Pac. After all my trials and tribulations in these streets on these streets, I choose MAKAVELI MUSIC GROUP to continue on my path of success.” And Warchyld, the artist, means everything to his Philly warriors as far as hip hop is concerned. He hailed from the North, wooed his way into the Southern Hip Hop scene through mass promotion and marketing in Miami. Warchyld seduced the nation with songs like “Google Me Now” on MTV television network, and now Makaveli wants a piece of the action.

When asked about the attributing factors in landing his label deal with Makaveli, Warchyld’s response was, “WOW there were so many things! GOD FIRST. Then the support from my family, my brothers, and my mother, whose strength inspire me to never give up and pursue my destiny… And of course, the fans, without the people’s support I am nothing!”

The world wants to know about Warchyld’s first release through Makaveli Music Group. “Well that decision will be up to the label,” he states. “Whatever they feel is strong enough to lead off with, I am personally confident in whatever the release is. I work hard on my material and I think the people will be pleased! I will be featured on the cover of (MR.DREAMZ MAGAZINE) next issue which will be a four page spread on what’s to come from Warchyld and Makaveli Music Group! Just follow us and wait for the surprise lol!!”

Warchyld and Makaveli are about to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Nobody halfway sane can deny that Warchyld is a beast! He’s a hardworking perfectionist who makes everybody else on the radio sound laughably meek as he’s lethal with the mic.  If Tupac were here, he would be most proud. Visit for more info. or Booking: [email protected]
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