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VIGALANTY: From MIAMI to the Top of the Charts

Vigalanty built his career from the ground up and is a grassroots success starting with his debut release, RapGod for the New Era, which dropped in November 2011, followed by the 2015 release his critically acclaimed album, The Rapture. The Rapture started with a splash of Social Media virality around the exhilarant, Baby I’m Just Doing Me, and is slowly evolving into his current minimalist aesthetic sound and building a dedicated audience the old-fashioned way — working hard and dreaming big. You can witness the discipline of this Hip Hop rebel with his new single release, “Exercising”, which is earning him a national following. Vigalanty put an emphasis on poetic storytelling while schooling his fans on something important to him, maintaining good health.

Concept is the element great albums are made of and the framework on which captivating portraits are painted. It’s what separates men from boys. Convinced that rap was the road for him, Vigalanty honors this theory with own approach to Hip Hop. His ability to write addictive hooks with lyrics that often come off like spoken-word poetry, and put together a musical bedding of R&B, Hip-Hop, mainstream, rap, rock, techno, house music and dance in his album; shows a steady passion to evolve. Vigalanty is kicking off an underground hip-hop movement that will continue gain steam. Music is in his DNA and his systematic approach seems to be paying off.

Now that he’s made it out the trenches, Vigalanty is not planning on slowing down any time soon. With a series of hits the slick production that is bundled in his debut album, Vigalanty is now a member of the new breed of musicians with an intrinsic dedication to his music. His songs are inspirational, his flow is sometimes political, and his overall sound at times throws a rowdy, futuristic feel-good vibe your way. It’s hard not to love an original: the first of many to follow. And the notion that Vigalanty, through his music, empathize with the most rejected of individuals in our society, lends attribution to the world’s adoration with him.
Vigalanty has accomplished a lot of things that are hard to believe and achieve, by grasping on to his supreme confidence that he’ll last 10 years in an industry where most artists can barely last two. He’s celebrating now as the past few years, he’s been able to cultivate a significantly engaged fanbase. Vigalanty’s philosophy is “If something comes without a struggle, it’s not worth it” when describing days filled with constant grinding, traveling, touring, and performing, all a while representing the bottom of the map, Miami, Florida.

Vigalanty’s hot streak as an independent artist will also last through his good deeds outside of the music industry. He wants to cement his legacy by aiding people with disabilities, giving time to the youth with sports training and giving advice wherever it’s needed. Watching how everything unfolds for artist Vigalanty will be like watching time-lapse footage of solitary raindrops forming into a flowing river. He has developed into a strong artist and will serve as an anchor for other hungry independent musicians, who study Vigalanty’s creative process and work ethic.

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