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SINCERE – “Dotted Line” New Mixtape!! {Music Review}

On Dotted Line, you’ll hear modernistic renditions of that funkadelic old-school R&B flow such as in his song, ‘So Natural’, which spills resonance of the Issac Hayes era, and takes your mind to a different place. Another hit you won’t help but to rewind over and over again is “Obedience”. Other than, ‘Bout That Life’, this is one of the dopest songs on Dotted Line because Sincere is overjoyed and relaxed in his performance.  In the song, Sincere repeats, “Should I give it to them?”… You can tell by his confident tone in his verses that he already knows our answer…YES! “Right or Wrong” featuring Don Benjamin, infuses jazz undertones in the background, as Sincere amps up a Keith Sweat tune, and transform it to a Hip Hop masterpiece. Sincere used a great formula: “Greatness & Innovation.” And now he is a success.

An array of versatile and talented producers are featured on Dotted Line, including; The Commision, MC The Producer, Cooarri, Mr. Kooman, Track Officialz, Bravestarr, SuperNova, and Cardiak, which allows Sincere to express his diversity and many layers of creativity. The beats are hard-hitting pieces coming from the mind of an emerging power house, and Sincere’s barrels his soul way through them with vigor.

In regards to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, while putting this project together, S.I.N. states, “I think when you’re honest with yourself and understand who you are as a person (especially with strengths and weaknesses), it gives you a clear point of view. I am a very analytical person so even when everyone around me would tell me that they love my music, if I knew something wasn’t correct, I wouldn’t release it. So I think patience and becoming a student of music helped me with my position today. With business, I’ve always been a people-person and understood the essentials of business workings so that helps me make sound business decisions.”

And Sincere is certainly prepared for the worldwind of abundance that already surrounds him.  Dotted Line’s intro starts with this powerful quote, “You will make a million dollars within 3 years, the only question is how many times over.” Exactly. With Sincere’s talent, the possibilities for him are endless.

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