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SIRIUS BLAC – The Power of A Dreamer #MusicReview via @lisafordblog

Submerged deeply in the underground Hip Hop community, Independent artistand rapper Sirius Blac rises to the top by keeping his focus trained strictly on the music and the cultural currents from which it emerged. Sirius Blac, a widely praised favorite for so many people in South Florida, is equal parts revolutionary and lyricist. He finds his way through carefully-articulated syllabic mazes in search of hard truths articulates his ideas, sculpting rough drafts into finely-tuned productions. There’s something about his latest single, Love Thy Hata, that feels like such an intensely personal statement. Even attempting to engage with it objectively, setting aside the direct experience of the man who made it, doesn’t entirely break through its mystique.

I’m very expressive and focused on developing my Higher self.  Music is me, it’s what I live for as a Spiritual being and Pisces kid! I believe my purposes to is inspire others which I’ve been doing for 14 years strong. I started as a quiet shy kid being bullied because I was Haitian to managing models and artists, video and radio show hosting, and now serving at the C.E.O. of my own label, Star-Rated.  I’m currently developing a new Mixtape that will feature DJ Young Cee, a Shadyville DJ. And I do this for myself and my family. – Sirius Blac

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