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Is KAIJU THE UNCONQUERABLE The Greatest Rapper Alive? (Interview x VIDEO) via @Lisafordblog

Lisa: Please talk about your latest project (single/video). Who produced it?

KTU: My new single is called Forbidden its written by me and the beat was made by Andreonbeat x Adothegod
and engineered by Komplex from Trackings including myself.

Song: Forbidden is basically me making a statement to the powers that be, that “its forbidden” to go against something that is already destine to win. Basically letting not only those who compete with me in hip-hop, but those behind the scenes that going against great power, has consequences. Especially keeping it original, which I feel the game lacks “self” and embracing yourself not cloning others. Addressing I can lyrically compete with any rapper no matter how legendary or popular they are, slaughtering with true creativity.

Video: I have a on-going music video series which makes Forbidden” Episode 5. This video sets after episode 4’s events occur. The main antagonist General Kodachi fled to a dimension in a feudal era which his younger form is no longer. Only the true form remains baring a Oni Shinobi mask with great power.

Lisa: How long have you worked with producer?

KTU: I’m from the Soundclick era and I made so many relationships with the producer’s from the click. I never got into beat making like how that’s the new wave in today’s rap. I’ve always had my engineer Komplex from Trackings since 05 that’s basically my 40 or ludwig in a sense. but i can only co-produce a beat from a beat producer. Me and plex will place what it was lacking drops or filters just take the beat to the next level. I have a pre-production studio so i record myself and I bring the session to Plex to destroy it.

Is it part of a greater project? If so, when will your project be released?

KTU: I don’t know yet at the moment, I’m having more fun right now bringing my singles to life with my Episodes. To be honest I have enough songs to drop a project at any time, I’m just moving on my own creativity and innovation.

Lisa: Where are you from?

KTU: I’m “Kaiju The Unconquerable” from South Florida, Southwest Miami to be exact aka “The 1”. I gave it that nickname because us1 passes threw all of southwest areas. The Florida scene has been booming which I”m extremely turnt about sunshine state is finally getting its shine on the underground scene.

Lisa: Please tell us something personal about yourself that you wouldn’t mind the readers knowing?

KTU: Im a fucking Geek or how the Japanese call it Otaku. I wear that shit like a badge. Just because I’m into Japanese anime or video games and classic martial art’s movies doesn’t mean that’s a weakness. I love shit like when I’m in the mood but that’s not a bad thing either. It just means I place more thought on how to effectively fuck the game up.

I started my first performances at comic conventions, I was the fist rapper or black rapper to ever be featured in the Legendary Japanese Manga magazine “Shonenjump”. I went by the name “Cashamill Animeboy” day one fans still call me that. I built a huge following from it, rapping and being one of thee first rappers to ever reference the way i do in songs. I love embracing who i am that’s why i respect Wu-tang so much. Because even tho there from the streets they embraced the fact they were fans of martial art movies.

Lisa: Who and what music influences you?

KTU: Well that’s hard because I influence myself a lot. When music is dope with substance and skill I’ll give a ear. I can listen to everything but country, from Daft Punk then turn up to Kanye tho. As far as era goes the 90’s plays a major part on why I feel bars and lyrics are necessary. What inspires me is my influence 9 times out of ten its never music most of the time its a movie or a anime/video game or just life challenges.

Lisa: What are your thoughts about the current state of Hip Hop?

KTU: The current state of Hip-Hop is like a apple that has brown spots but when you bite it, it’s still fresh. Meaning you’re gonna have your dumb down nonsense but I feel that’s needed to differentiate Dope that’s still exist. Then on the other hand Hip-Hop is becoming somewhat like fashion, nothing is in style no more people just wear what they like to wear. Like you have people who listen to everything and there’s a time and place for everything. But I will not throw out the fact you have some wack gibberish mumble shit going on. I feel like a hero almost like I gotta change Hip-Hop and bring back innovation and originality because imitation seems to be the virus killing the art.

About the current state of being an independent musician.

That’s the new wave, you see more money that way but its harder if you don’t have backing or if you don’t have connections to get your feet wet. The radio is Soundcloud and the A&R is the internet, labels can see whats moving and whats not. As a artist being indie you can control your output and substance build a income as a popular artist and probably see more money. The only downside being on a label automatically gives you placement and exposure at a high rate. Now there is a struggle, when you take the long road to your destination the perks are your in control you make the decisions. I keep grinding i never feel discourage tho i know i’m destine to wreck this game. The focus is to expand the brand bigger then the land.

Lisa: What are your long term goals? What will you be doing in 5 years?

KTU: Be a damn success story Rapper/Director/Designer kill 2017 and beyond.




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