BIG BIRD Responds To Mitt Romney!! *Extreme Graphic Language* Viewer Discretion Advised! (VIDEO)

(found above pic of big bird on jcatgrl)

Big Bird’s ‘response’ to Mitt Romney. (again…not for sensitive viewers)

On a serious note, cutting subsidies to the PBS broadcasting is no laughing matter. And this is what Romney is proposing…to stop funding educational tools like Sesame Street for our children and other various sources of informative programming. A lot us are baffled over this and don’t understand why Romney is gunning for the network.

According to the huffington post (and numerous news sources & federal reports), the PBS budget constitutes a tiny share of federal expenditures (less than one-tenth of one-percent of the federal budget). And cutting this essential programming seems to be the only definitive course of action that Romney has spelled out.  25 days til election and the GOP candidates have yet to spell out specific plans for ANYTHING other than firing Big Bird. In my opinion, Romney and Ryan are not prepared to run this country.

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Source: Carlos ‘Coonmeat’ Carter


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