LUPITA NYONG’O’s Amazing Oscar Acceptance Speech! (VIDEO)


“Yes! Thank you to the academy for this incredible recognition. It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s. And so I want to salute the spirit of Patsey for her guidance, and for Solomon, thank you for telling her story and your own,” Lupita said.

“Steve McQueen, you charge everything that you fashion with a breath of your own spirit. Thank you so much for putting me in this position,” Nyong’o continued as she began to get emotional.

“This has been the joy of my life. I’m certain that the dead are standing about you and watching and they’re grateful and so am I. Chiwetel, thank you for your fearlessness and how deeply you went into telling Solomon’s story. Michael Fassbender, thank you so much, you were my rock…I want to thank my family for your training and the Yale school of drama. My friends. My brother Junior sitting by my side.”

The list of thank-yous continued, although Lupita noticeably left out costar and producer Brad Pitt (gasp!), but clearly emotions were running high, so we’re sure it was an accident.

Nyong’o concluded, “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” (eonline)





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