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TUPAC – A Rare Video You Probably Never Saw. #PacsBirthday via @lisafordblog

The Tupac biopic, "All Eyez On Me", directed by Benny Boom, dropped today to commensurate the legacy the iconic rapper. The filma also served as birthday gift to his fans as Pac's birthday is today, June 16th (Pac would have been 46 years old). I'm a die-hard fan and I'm personally nervous about watching the film because I hold a very nostalgic view of Pac that I don't want ruined (even though I don't think that's possible). In previous blog posts, I did publish the trailer video, so I won't go that route today. Instead I'm posting something light-hearted, a little insight on Pac's humorous personality, that I thought you would enjoy. Rest in Paradise Pac.

Happy Birthday TUPAC!! – Rare: 2pac speaks on ‘Saggin Pants’ (VIDEO)

On this day, June 16, 2012, Pac would have been 41 years old. This video (interview) of Pac explaining the 'sagging pants' epidemic is from 1993, but was leaked in 2011. Although Pac is still my favorite rapper of all time and in my mind, completely unmatched by any other, I'm not sure if I agree with his argument or 'justification' of the whole sagging pants syndrome. The Hip Hop community has always had their own style, and I definitely get how we need to keep our own flavor, but men showing their drawers in public is a little suspect to me. There's got to be a way where we can 'rebel' against societal norms, yet look good at the same time. Nevertheless, Tupac was an intelligent brother who influenced millions in his short life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAC!!

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