The Animated, Previously Unheard TUPAC SHAKUR Interview (VIDEO) WATCH!!

(tupac artwork above by 00makaveli00)

That’s what’s missing in the general perception of Hip-Hop, that multi-dimensional characterization of the artists. We’re more than just a representation of an ideal or a set of values; there is human vulnerability, fluctuating identities, creativity in this ever-changing English language, and rollercoasters of emotions dealing with family, friends, manhood, womanhood, gender roles, and other societal pressures.

That’s precisely what made Tupac special…in his contradictions as a human, as a man, he ultimately shined a beautifully tragic light on all of our complexities.

Thanks PBS for all of the “Blank on Blank” videos; they help brighten the human experience.

There will forever be a void that Pac left because he was so unique, no one will ever top let alone match his contribution to not only hip hop but music and culture. Amazing he created such a legacy in 25 short years.

Source: EliteDaily

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