The Day Rick Ross Dissed Me!



This is a Classic Lisa Ford editorial published some time ago. It’s an interview with one of my favorite rappers that I will never forget so I’m sharing it again …even though the Bawse dissed me!

Ok, you all had better appreciate this! It took me hours to dig through my archives and listen to tape after tape, to find this old interview of Rick Ross given back in 2002, before he dropped his first album with Slip & Slide and became famous. Welcome to a rare glimpse of what was going on in his mind before he hit it big.

At the time, Rick Ross was humbled and had only the goal of breaking through and making a living in the rap game. This is a far cry from his ambitions today. How do I know? Because I interviewed him a few years later while he performed with DJ Khaled (who had just dropped his first album) and BG of the Hot Boys… and when I asked him how he felt about this interview, he got offended and mad at me, saying that he didn’t recall some of his answers that I quoted back to him.

I almost got accused of being a liar…luckily for me, I got him on tape. When you read the interview, you will see that there is nothing for him to be ashamed about. Now I’m not saying he’s an asshole because he thought I tried to offend him. I just find it odd that he had forgotten his purest intentions.

Check it out and let me know what you think about one of the Boss’ first interviews and post your comments about Rick Ross.

Lisa: You know what Rick, I admire you…

Rick: Why?

Lisa: Because I like your style. What inspired that?

Rick: What inspired my style?

Lisa: Hell yeah! I wanna know

Rick: What inspired my style is really my lifestyle, you understand? You see, the same thing what we’re doing right here in the club (promoting shows), we’re all just trying to live. Just trying to find a better way so a Nigga can enjoy his time here.

Lisa: Can you tell everybody out there what this Miami lifestyle is all about?

Rick: Life in the South is really about that cash flow, but I recommend niggas go to school, get a degree, be a teacher or a doctor. Cause we’re out here just working with what we got, tryin’ to make it happen. A Nigga is just trying to get to middle class. I just want to be able to make it to middle class to pay my mortgage without worrying about shit.

Lisa: I feel that. How did you hook up with Trick Daddy?

Rick: That’s my Nigga, Trick. I respect what he did, we just got together, smoked one, or two, or three, and made it happen, and now it’s going on.

Lisa: When is your album coming out? When are you going to release something?

Rick Ross: Look for me April 2002. And believe me, I’m coming at em’…I’m coming at em’ hard. Rick Ross, look for it.

Lisa: Can you tell us what to expect?

Rick Ross: Just expect something you never expected from the South! I mean lyrically, I’m contending with the finest. I’m out here really trying to eat. I ain’t just doing this to buy weed. Hell, I got a lease and a baby on the way. I see a Nigga with a Rick Ross shirt on over there…That’s love.

Lisa: How do you feel about that?

Rick: It makes me feel good. It’s an accomplishment. Just you really interviewing me like this makes me feel better…Cause I’m a real gutter nigger. I don’t ever be getting interviewed or nothin’.

Lisa: So at this moment, after describing your style and after we hear your music, how do you want all of us in the world to sum you up?

Rick: I want everybody to sum me up as a true logical street thug. I just want my shit to really be absorbed and for everybody to take time to really listen to what I’m saying. I got my own vision for my music. There’s gonna be millions of people that feel me.


He didn’t really want to be interviewed. Remember when he told me that being interviewed isn’t something he was use to? What changed?? Anyways, he was too busy for the media, I got ONE question in, and here it goes:

Lisa: Remember when you told me 4 to 5 years ago, that all you wanted was to make it to middle class? How do you feel about that now that you’ve made it?

Rick Ross: What did you say?

Lisa: (I repeated the question)

Rick Ross (verbatim): I don’t remember me saying that. (then he walked off upset)

WOW! How people change! Now post your comments and tell me what you think. In the meanwhile, I’ll leave ya’ll with a Rick Ross video.

Rick Ross ft. T-Pain, Kanye West & Lil Wayne- Maybach Music Pt 2 un[Official Video] [Dirty Version]


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