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Lisa Ford Interviews The MADONNA STALKER!!!

Robert Linhart, the alleged MADONNA STALKER, tells His side of the story!!! Is he the deranged lunatic that mass media portrays him to be? [AUDIO]

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He told me to google ‘Robert Linhart’  before we met the day of the interview…I took that as a warning. After I read about a dozen articles on Robert Linhart, who was labeled the Madonna Stalker in every one, I thought it took alot of balls for him to tell me to read all of these stories when you only get one chance to make a first impression. And my first impression of him? I thought he was NUTS!  The New York Post  printed, “Nutjob is crazy for you Madge!” Popcrunch says a better description is  “Wackadoodle on the Loose.” He also gained notoriety as the ‘Ice-Pick Welder. Whoa!

But it appeared that all of these sensationalized stories were  one-dimensional. It’s not as if any of the reporters who wrote about him sat down and actually spoke to the man one-on-one.  So that’s why I faced my fears, and in lieu of Linhart’s reputation, decided to do the interview anyway.

Listen for yourself… Does Linhart sound deranged to you? [Robert Linhart 1]

“My family is hurt to see me portrayed as a deranged guy instead of who I am. the police had no reason to beat me up. I got the finest police brutality New York has to offer…(but) Payback is a Bitch!”[Robert Linhart 2] (ok…awkward)

Latest Madonna stalking charges against Linhart were dropped because Madonna states that she didn’t feel threatened (just annoyed). But his civil trial against the NYPD is ongoing…


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