BENTLEY COOP, Broward’s Champion x Upcoming EP- “Cut Da Check”

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“I’ve been doing music for years I just finally know the right way to pursue it.” – Bentley Coop


Bentley Coop has hooked up with Mega Producer, Young Cash Marley, CEO of YCEMG, and put together hits that the streets grasped instantly, with songs like Hotboy, Actions, and Only Be Me. Cash Marley’s tracks are incredibly articulate, full of intelligent bass grooves, and hidden drum patterns. Bentley offers introspective street rap, free-flowing punchlines, with a lyrical style that boils every concept down to its root. His flow snakes its way through Southern-fried productions with a memorable effervescence.

Aside from being a finely crafted personal statement, Bentley Coop‘s upcoming E.P, Cut Da Check, is a reminder that Bentley’s hunger runs deeper than most of us will ever understand. Cut Da Check foreshadows his evolution and has variously boasted the presence of Broward County. When you hear the tape, you’ll see that his vision  is clearer than ever. Follow Bentley Coop’s channels listed below and stay tuned for his upcoming EP.


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