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BIG BOI Speaks On OUTKAST Reunion! (VIDEO)

But what about a new ‘Kast album? Outkast collaborator Mr. DJ, says that Andre and Big have been putting in a bunch of work at Stankonia Studios lately and he believes that they plan on dropping solo efforts prior to any joint ‘Kast album: [nahright]

_ He’s not certain, but—brace yourself—he believes 3000 will drop his long-awaited solo album this year. BET’s Stephen Hill hinted at the idea last summer, when he tweeted out that Dre mentioned dropping a new album at the top of 2014. While it may not be coming that soon, a lot of material has been recorded for it, Mr. DJ notes.

Big Boi, meanwhile, also has a fair amount of material recorded for his own solo project, and Mr. DJ was in Stankonia with him just last week laying tracks down for it. The bigger plan at hand, it seems, is for both MCs to go on their 40-date festival run, drop solo projects, and then get back in the studio for a group project. Going on tour, Mr. DJ says, should help rekindle their creative relationship. [Revolt]

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