Body Camera Video of the Chicago Police Killing Paul O’Neal #BlackLivesMatter



Brown and several other community activists were allowed to watch dashboard camera and police body camera videos of the moments leading up to O’Neal’s shooting before they were released to the public.

“My heart is completely broken,” Brown said after watching the videos at Chicago Police Headquarters. “I felt like that was a tear right down the middle of this relationship between the community and police, and I think it’s going to even further divide communities in Chicago as it relates to public safety in the city.”

O’Neal, 18, was shot and killed by Chicago police last week, after allegedly ramming two squad cars while fleeing police in a stolen Jaguar near 73rd and Merrill.



Brown said the videos show the police chase, and officers firing into the car before O’Neal fled on foot, but nothing after that until O’Neal already had been shot, and was lying on the ground.

“It just doesn’t sit well, and is has me very heartbroken and very angry at this particular moment,” he said.


Story by Chicago CBS Local