Diddy Disses Tupac!! {Audio}

{Diddy Artwork by Scott Cohn}


Diddy claims to never have wanted any problems with 2pac but this seems to say different. In the audio below, Diddy accused 2PAC of being an ‘actor’ making empty threats through his Bad Boy diss record. Crazy how I never heard this Diddy retaliatory diss until now. It’s hard to imagine 2PAC as the ‘fake’ thug Diddy claimed him to be. Maybe Diddy made these statements because 2PAC’s wrath was just too hard to ignore. And maybe Diddy even took it one step further…

I’m not posting this because of recent rumors (L.A. Weekly & NewsOne) of Diddy hiring a hitman to pop PAC. Even though we all know PAC made these diss albums because he thought Diddy’s henchmen were behind the initials shootings and the first attempt on PAC’s life. I’m just keeping this ‘Diddy/Pac’ story alive because I want someone to finally be arrested for both PAC & BIG deaths. Hopefully with all of Diddy’s power, he could be of ‘more of assistance’, on the behalf of us die-hard Hip Hop heads, in the on-going investigations of both iconic deaths because Diddy is known for ‘making things happen’.

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